Views From The Turnbuckle: Survivor Series In-Person Review, Another Lackluster WWE PPV

I gave this match a DUD rating, the equivalent of getting zero stars, because the WWE put an incredible minimal amount of effort into the match. For the main event to what is supposed to be one of the biggest PPVs of the year, the WWE trotted out an uncreative match that not a lot of people wanted to see in the first place.

The Big Show came out to a very mediocre reaction for someone who is the face challenging for the WWE Championship. The poor performance continued when the crowd started chanting for Daniel Bryan during the match. Randy Orton did not help matters by botching his exit from the ring (crotching himself on the bottom rope in the process) and missing horribly on a top rope DDT, although I don't know how much of that was on Orton. The mistakes only encouraged the crowd to be more vocal in their frustrations. For the main event of a big PPV, you should never have the crowd cheering for men on the Superstar panel, and you should never, EVER have fans chanting "Boring" during the main event.

I found the finish to the match to be very predictable and uncreative as well. The Authority came out, distracted Show, and cost him the match. That is the typical ending to a match on Raw. For the main event of a PPV, I expect the team to be a little bit more creative than that. The punt from Orton was okay, but everything else was just garbage.

The last bit of fun came at the end, where Cena came out and faced off against Orton, teasing a unification match between the two. I have to think that a unification match would happen at Wrestlemania, and the face-off was probably just a little thing to whet the appetites of fans. Anyways, it was at least a little bit entertaining to on an otherwise bland PPV.

PPV for the WWE has not been a great endeavor for the WWE, and they have failed to put on a really good event since Summerslam. The Authority storyline has not really delivered any quality shows, so it will be interesting to see how much longer the WWE sticks with it.

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