The Miz Talks Turning Heel, Role At WrestleMania 30, Christmas Bounty, Survivor Series

Source: The Rack

The Miz recently joined The Rack and discussed his recent win at Survivor Series, his new film 'Christmas Bounty' on ABC Family, the difference between it and Marine 3, his favorite WrestleMania moment and much more. Here are some highlights from the interview.

His victory at Survivor Series: "It was a great victory; the only problem is at the end of that victory, I got slapped by Kofi. I was trying to make a good gesture in shaking his hand after the match and the guy reached out and slaps me. The thing is people have been saying that I'm the bad guy; that I wronged Kofi, but then I try and show good sportsmanship and what happens? He slaps me! But, at the end of the day, I won and that's all that really matters."

His new movie 'Christmas Bounty': "I know! It's incredible. I've been so fortunate these days with WWE; you know, a kid coming from (MTV's) 'The Real World'. In reality, you're supposed to just be a reality star and stay on that reality round, but coming into the WWE it has allowed me so many different portals to showcase my talents, I guess you could say. I mean, I got to do 'Marine 3: Homefront' which is out on DVD right now and now, tomorrow, November 26th on ABC Family, my new movie will premiere at 7:00 pm, 'Christmas Bounty' and I'm really excited for it because it's a Christmas movie! I mean, I grew up watching Christmas movies, great Christmas movies like 'Christmas Vacation' and 'A Christmas Story' and now I get to be in one and I hope it stands the test of time and that every year people will sit down and watch this movie and enjoy it with the entire family."

The difference between 'Christmas Bounty' and 'Marine 3: Homefront': "This movie, I showcase a little bit more of layers than in Marine 3. Marine 3 was all about action, fighting and drama; this one has a little bit of romance, which I think the ladies might appreciate but it also shows action and drama and it's a lot more story-oriented and family-oriented and I think you'll get to see the love the entire cast had for each other and the connection we all had and I think it'll showcase onto the screen."

What was it like having a love interest for the film in Francia Raisa: "Francia was terrific; you know, it was a different element to put into me because even in WWE, I never really had a love interest, so it was a whole new thing for me. I even had my first on-screen kiss which Francia loves to brag that I was her first, or that she was MY first, ever, on screen. It was fun though; we were doing the screening and I'm sitting there with my fiancée Maryse (Ouellet, former WWE Diva) and my fiancée's mother and then Francia's there and I told my fiancée about it; that I had a kissing scene just to warn her, and she watched it and said 'That's it? That's all' and I was like 'Well, what did you want? 50 Shades of Gray?!' I mean, come on, it's ABC Family!"

He's been a bounty hunter and marine; what other role would he like to play: "You know, whatever role WWE Studios brings out to me, I want it. I'll take anything more or less. Not necessarily anything but anything that's fun and anything I really think I can do and just enjoy myself. That's what life is all about; enjoying yourself, having fun and as long as I have a great cast around me, a great director and a good story, then I'm all for it. I won't mind playing Santa Claus, I wouldn't mind playing in a Freddie Kruger movie where I get killed. That was my dream, by the way; as a kid, I always grew up watching Freddie Kruger and I always wanted to be killed by Freddie Kruger. I love horror flicks. I always wanted to be… I didn't want to be the guy who killed, I wanted to be the hero who is supposed to win but then ends up not winning."

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