The Miz Talks Turning Heel, Role At WrestleMania 30, Christmas Bounty, Survivor Series

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On his potential role with Wrestlemania XXX coming up soon: "Wrestlemania XXX tickets went on sale a couple weeks ago and did really, really well. I'm looking forward to WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans. I think it's going to be a huge, huge event and I plan on being a major factor in it."

His all-time favorite WrestleMania moment: "All time? I would have to be involved in it and I always say the main event of WrestleMania is always my most memorable moment. But my most memorable moment during that time, at WrestleMania 27, but there was a moment that nobody saw that I had with all my 10 best friends that were sitting front row. Those 10 guys would sit in my living room in 1998 and watch every WrestleMania, every Pay-Per-View, at my house. Those guys were sitting front-row during WrestleMania 27, when John Cena's entrance is going on, and all the lights are on him and everyone is staring at him, I went over to my friends, showed them the title, looked at them and said 'Guys, we did it!' and they were just going nuts and going ecstatic. That's my most memorable moment that I have, to this day."

If he could choose a movie in which he could play a part in, what Christmas film would it be: "I would love to do 'National Lampoons Christmas Vacation'; if I was a child, I would love to be in 'A Christmas Story'; I think that would be amazing. I also enjoy 'Elf'; I thought 'Elf' was incredible. I actually did a cameo in 'The Campaign' with Will Farrell and I have to say, I've met a lot of stars in being a WWE Superstar; we have a lot of stars that come into the WWE, but I got to talk to Will Farrell on set and what a terrific guy. Just absolutely above and beyond nice, made time for everyone on-set, talked to everyone; it wasn't like he had to do it, he wanted to do it and it was just a wonderful experience. So, if I could do anything with Will Farrell, it would be absolutely fantastic again and if it could be a Christmas movie, so be it. Hey, I heard 'Ghostbusters' is opening up. Last time they did 'Ghostbusters', it was during the winter I believe, during the Christmas time. So, hey, I'm all for being Peter Venkman!"

What's it like being part of the Christmas film legacy to him: "When they told me that I was going to do a Christmas movie, I mean I was giddy. I was like a 5-year-old kid again, coming downstairs, seeing all the presents under the Christmas tree. It just reminds me of all traditions I used to do as a kid and I'm hoping 'Christmas Bounty' becomes some family's; I don't care how many families, if it's just one, that's fine, but it could become a tradition for them. That ever year, they sit down and watch this movie and have a feel-good moment with all of them. So, hopefully, it has that."

Does he feel his recent character shift suits him better now: "I've found my niche; it's called 'being the Miz' and whether people think it's bad or good, it's up to them. I'm not one of those people that harp on what people think, I think no matter what I'm going to entertain and people have said that there is a character switch happening and this, that and the other thing but I don't see a character switch. I think it's just the Miz making noise because he's not getting the attention that he deserves and he's not in the place he wants to be and so, he needs to switch it up and make some things happen."

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