Triple H Talks Possible Ring Return, Stars To Look Out For, Merriman, His Schedule, More

Source: Greg And The Morning Buzz

If he thought Total Divas would be as successful as it has become: "We hoped it would. It's one of those things that for years we've said listen, as much as people enjoy the day to day shows and what we do as a show, if they knew the behind the scenes and they saw some of these people behind the scenes…I don't know. I'm not a fan of reality television.Visit Wrestling Inc. I find those shows mind numbing, to me. I just don't have the time to watch them, but there's a big audience for it. When I watch those shows I think, my God, if people are interested in this, if they knew the real [story], what goes on with most of our talent and their day to day dramas and all of the stuff that goes on, it's just, there are shows sitting there. I think the Divas was the first foray into that and it's wildly successful."

How he works out with his schedule: "It's hard. We'll go home at night and we try to get there in order to play with the kids a little bit and get em to bed, and then it's head downstairs, get the trainer, get the workout in, get done training about 12:30, 1:00 at night, hit the rack. We don't get a whole lot of sleep. That's the one thing that sacrifices.

"There's this self help guru, I can't think of his name right now off the top of my head. He has this whole thing where he says if you want to be successful, you've got to want it like you want to breath. If you're going to be successful you've got to be willing to give up sleep and a lot of people aren't willing to do that. It's the truth. There's going to be times where, times where I look at it and go ugh, there's nothing I want more than to just lay down and crash, I have to train for two hours. So I go train and I get four hours of sleep instead of six. It's just what you have to do, man."

If it's tough to make the transition from in the ring to behind the scenes: "Yeah, it was. I think some people think I just come here and then I give my opinions on what the product is going to be creatively or something. I really don't have anything to do with that. I have so many things to do with all these departments that are mine, but no different than any other executive in the company, and that's what's expected of me, is to be no different than any other executive.Visit Wrestling Inc. So, I have to go from being a professional athlete without a job, basically, from some stance that's how you can look at it, right? I went to the ring and played wrestler every night, to coming here and having a full time executive gig working with other executives and it was a steep learning curve. It still is. You learn everyday. It was a cool challenge for me. It was hard and it was a big transition and yeah, there were days when I felt like the lion in the cage, like I have to get out of this office, but it was a really cool challenge to take on something different and in a completely different way. You have to learn how to communicate with people even differently. You can't come in here and talk like you're talking in the locker room."

You can check out the whole interview here.

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