Views From The Turnbuckle: The Case Against Title Unification

It was not that long ago that the WHC was on even ground with the WWE Championship. At Summerslam 2009, it was not the WWE Championship, but the WHC that main-evented the show. Randy Orton and John Cena were matched up for the WWE Championship, but it was Jeff Hardy defending the WHC against CM Punk in a TLC match that closed the show. How was this possible? Because the WWE built a program around two popular wrestlers, gave them plenty of time on their own show, and that made the WHC seem extremely important.

Instead of doing stuff like that, the WWE has made the WHC seem like a second-rate title. They open most PPVs with the WHC match; give it far less time than the WWE Championship and put in noticeably less effort creatively. They also have remained stagnant in making decisions that could greatly increase the interest in the WHC. They could have had a good run with Dolph Ziggler as champion, but they dumped the title back on ADR. They could have had RVD as champion, but they let him go off on his little pot vacation instead. They could have used Cena as champion to let him work with some younger talent, but instead they rushed a quick and unenthusiastic feud with Del Rio before pushing him into working with Orton again. The WHC has become irrelevant because the WWE has made it that way, which means that they could conceivably make it relevant again if they just put a little bit of effort into it.

From a business standpoint, it is unquestionably better to have two major world titles. In case the WWE has forgotten, they did much better business when they had two major world titles being viewed as equals during the 2000s then they have with one title being vastly superior to the other during the 2010s. If the WWE was serious about reforming the WHC, they would stay far away from unification and they would actually maybe put some effort into booking the WHC instead of making it look like a second-rate World Championship.

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