Speculation On The Undertaker's Return, WWE Polling Fans On Wrestling's Biggest Blunder, More

- Vince McMahon's "Million Dollar Mania" giveaway, which saw the WWE Chairman give away his personal wealth to Raw viewers for three weeks in June 2008, is now considered a misfire by WWE.

The official WWE website is polling fans on the greatest catastrophes in the history of professional wrestling and McMahon's ratings-drawing strategy is listed as an option. Other choices include The Shockmaster's debut, Papa Shango's voodoo curse on Ultimate Warrior, the hiring of Mike Adamle, the Kennel from Hell Match, Sycho Sid speaking on the mic, the lights going out during the May 1996 In Your House 8: Beware of Dog pay-per-view, the Brawl for All tournament, the formation of The Dungeon of Doom, and Scott Steiner speaking on the mic.

- Yahoo! TV UK has published article speculating on The Undertaker's return to WWE airwaves and what his involvement may be. Sam Moore feels the obvious choice involves the Wyatt Family.

"Bray Wyatt proclaims to be controlled by the Devil and it would make perfect sense if The Undertaker was indeed the higher power orchestrating everything," wrote Moore. "The move would not only integrate the deadman into WWE's most interesting storyline but also be a massive boost to The Wyatt Family who desperately need to be made to look as legitimate as possible. This role could also work well for The Undertaker because he wouldn't have to get physical a great deal, just talk and put over some of the younger guys."

- WWE Hall of Famer Greg "The Hammer" Valentine has been announced to appear at the Kentucky Flea Market taking place Dec. 28-31 at the Kentucky Expo Center 937 Phillips Lane Louisville, Kentucky.

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