TNA Impact Results With Video: Huge 8-Man Tag, Aces & 8s Funeral And More

Winner:Ethan Carter III

EC3 grabs the mic and does his catchphrase while Tenay and Tazz put over his intensity.

We get a recap from last Thursday, with Roode defeating Storm when Gunner threw in the towel for Storm. Angle is in the back talking to Gunner, and he thanks Gunner and Storm for being on his team tonight. Storm comes in and Angle asks if he is okay, and Storm is good to go. He says that if they don't all work together, they don't stand a chance. Gunner says that what he did last week, he only did it because he thought it was right. Storm just says "Yeah" and walks away.

The BroMans are shown backstage talking to Zema Ion. Eric Young and ODB show up and EY has has a turkey suit. The BroMans say they are not wrestling him, but EY says he is not wrestling tonight, but he is the high chancellor of the Turkey Bowl. EY says that tonight the BroMans are wrestling "This Guy" and EY pulls some random stage hand from off-screen into the picture. The BroMans are confused and EY says that they are right, and they need to face a team. He points off-screen again and he says that they are wrestling Nerf and Drew. Dewey and Norv come on screen, and the BroMans agree. Robbie says this is serious business, and when they lose to them, they are wearing Turkey suits. They start to gobble at Norv and Dewey, and EY joins in.

Velvet Sky makes her entrance for a match. Tenay announces that December 19th will be the Final Resolution TV special. Lei'd Tapa comes down to the ring with Gail Kim.

Lei'd Tapa vs Velvet Sky

They lock up and Tapa overpowers Sky. She misses a clothesline and cuts down Tapa with kicks. Tapa picks her up and rushes Sky into the corner. She misses in the corner and Velvet hopes on her back and locks in a sleeper hold. Tapa shakes her off and misses a boot in the corner. Sky hits some kicks in the corner and hits the ropes. Gail Kim grabs Sky's leg, causing Velvet to fall over. The ref comes by and sends Gail Kim to the back. Tapa is complaining to the ref, and she catches Sky with a shoulder knockdown. She beats down Velvet and throws her into the corner and hits a running hip block in the corner. She lifts Velvet up in an elevated choke hold, but Sky fights out.

She hits some kicks and staggers Tapa. Sky hits the ropes but Tapa recovers with a big boot to the face. Tapa picks her up by the throat and hits the fireman's carry jawbreaker and covers Velvet for the three count.

Winner: Lei'd Tapa

The Turkey Bowl is next as we go to commercial.

We come back and we go back to the funeral parlor. A priest comes out and begins a eulogy, while the main event mafia and EY are shown in the pews.

We get a video recap of the history of Turkey Bowls, and they cut to EY and ODB in the ring. They are both holding Turkey Suits. Zema Ion is the official DJ for the BroMans, and he hypes up their entrance. They come out, and Norv and follow. Robbie has the mic and asks if this is a joke. He says Norv looks like a hairless hamster. Jesse has the mic and says that they are standing in the ring with the BroMans, the TNA World Tag Team Champions. They are nothing compared to them, and Zema repeatedly plays this really obnoxious sound effect from his DJ table. Robbie and Jesse both sneak punches in and the bell rings.

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