TNA Impact Results With Video: Huge 8-Man Tag, Aces & 8s Funeral And More

Turkey Bowl 2013: The BroMans vs Norv and Dewey

They beat down both men, and hit a Hart Attack and they pin Norv for the three count.

Winner: BroMans

After the match, they force Dewey and Norv to put the suits on. They do so, while Robbie taunts them, repeatedly doing some sort of crazy gobble. They force them to dance, like a Turkey, which they begrudgingly do. Norv actually puts in some serious effort and EY hits the ring and does the dance as well. The BroMans leave the ring and appear to be upset that Norv and Dewey are embracing the Turkey suits. We then go to commercial.

We come back and and see a video of AJ defending the World Title in Japan. Dixie is somehow already in the back yelling at the producers. She says that AJ's world tour is over. She says there are two things AJ did not know about her; 1, that she has a lot of shoes, and 2, she has even more lawyers. She vows to get them to shut him down, and she wants her World Title back. She has one week to return it to her, or something will happen to him.

EGO is in the back with Chris Sabin. Roode puts over all of their talents and Roode says he was seconds away from ending his career. Kaz talks about how much he is ready for turkey dinner. He says that they were drug tested last month, and Joe Park tested positive for gravy. They all laugh, but Roode says tonight is serious, and tonight they prove that Roode is better than Angle.

The funeral for Aces & 8s is next, as we go to ads.

We come back and Spud is yelling at some lady backstage about screwing up Dixie's turkey dinner order. We then see Angle talking to Magnus. He thanks Magnus for agreeing to team up with Kurt, and Magnus says that he has a lot of respect for Angle, and next week they are going to beat the hell out of each other, but tonight, they are going to take care of Roode. Angle agrees and he leaves Magnus.

We get a recap of Anderson defeating Bully last week and ending Aces & 8s.

The priest is shown again, and he gives a eulogy to Aces & 8s. While he is talking we see Angle smiling and Joe eating a pastry. EY is crying, Tenay asks him why but EY is too choked up. The priests asks if anyone has any kind words to speak about Aces, but nobody comes up. The casket begins to rock back in forth and out pops Mr. Anderson with a grin on his face.

Anderson says that he trapped inside this organization for more than a year. He says they were not only responsible for keeping miles off of his harley, but also for many, many, many segments on this show. He really likes to thank Bully's ex-father in law for sending over that deli plate, and he asks if Kurt would like to say anything.

Angle gets to the top, and he says he has a couple friends in the group, D-Lo Brown and Wes Brisco. He talks about how D-Lo used to shake his head that funny way, and he pulls out a D-Lo bobblehead. He wishes them a safe afterlife.

Joe steps up and he is still eating. He says that it is sad to be here. When Aces first showed up, they were just faceless masks. But when some of those masks were pulled off, they displayed some of the most ugly visages ever seen by man. He takes out a six-pack, and says that it is the only substance that makes them palatable to the human eye. He puts it in the casket, but then says he should not waste them and begins to hand them out to the people in the parlor. He teases handing the bottle to Angle, but then Angle waves him off! Joe gets back on the podium, and says "To Aces & 8s, may you ride your mopeds to Valhalla."

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