TNA Impact Results With Video: Huge 8-Man Tag, Aces & 8s Funeral And More

Tenay gets up on the podium and says that Tazz will still be at the announcing booth with Tenay, but today, he gets to hang up the stinky cut that Tazz has been wearing for the past 18 months. He lays the vest, along with Brooke's booty shorts to rest at the same time. He puts the vest in the casket, but tucks the shorts into his jacket pocket.

EY is up at the podium, and he says that he is here to shed a tear, for the men who they lost. The men who will never be able to wear this; and he pulls out the Turkey suit. He lays down the Turkey suit in the casket, and begins to sob, saying "I love you Turkey" and Tenay and Joe have to pry him away from the casket as he continues to sob.

Anderson gets back up and says that there is one more thing he needs to take care off. He takes out the hammer, and says that he is going to lay it to rest, and that he is going to keep it, because it is still a perfectly good hammer.

Bully Ray wanders into the parlor with a hoody and sunglasses on. He says that Ken raped him of everything, and for that he will never forgive him. Ken better sleep with one eye open, not only for the best interests of himself, but for his pregnant wife. He says they all look at death as the last sleep, but he looks at it as the final awakening, and he walks away.

We go back to the Impact Zone and the 8-man tag is next.

We come back from commercial and Spud is yelling at the same lady about Thanksgiving dinner. Tenay and Tazz hype the title tournament matches for next week's Impact.

Roode's team comes out first, followed by Angle's team.

Eight Man Elimination Tag: Robert Roode, Chris Sabin, Daniels and Kaz vs Kurt Angle, James Storm, Gunner and Magnus

Angle and Roode start off face-to-face. They trade blows and then do some quick chain wrestling. Kaz comes in and quickly gets arm-dragged by Angle. Daniels tries to interfere, but Angles take them both out with a double clothesline. He tags in Magnus who whips Kaz into the buckle, but eats a big boot. Kaz goes for a cross-body, but Magnus catches him and hits a suplex. He tags in Storm who punches Kaz, but Kaz tags in Daniels.

Daniels comes in and gets tagged by Storm and Gunner. Gunner comes in and they hit a go-behind, russian leg sweep combo. Kaz distracts Gunner, and Daniels tosses him to the outside. Kaz and Sabin double-team him on the outside and throw him back in the ring. Daniels tags in Sabin, and they hit a double-elbow to Gunner. Sabin covers for a one count, and beats down Gunner. He chokes him using the ropes and tags in Daniels. Daniels continues the beat down and Kaz comes in. Gunner catches Daniels with an elbow and hits a powerslam on Kaz. Gunner makes the tag to storm and Sabin comes in as well.

Storm hits a flying forearm, inverted atomic drop and a clothesline combo. Daniels comes in and Storm whips him into the corner. Daniels backdrops him over the ropes, but Storm lands on the apron and hits an enzughiri to Daniels. Storm hits the backstabber on Daniels and then a front-double stabber on Sabin. Storm fires uo the crowd and signals for the super kick. Kaz runs and Storm ducks the clothesline and hits Kaz with the Superkick. Sabin gets a schoolboy roll-up on Storm and eliminates him.

Chris Sabin eliminates James Storm

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