TNA Impact Results With Video: Huge 8-Man Tag, Aces & 8s Funeral And More

Magnus comes in and hits a clothesline on Sabin. Sabin takes in Daniels, and Mangus lights him up. Daniels catches him with a boot and brings him into the corner. He tags in Kaz and they hit a double-team leg drop for a two count. Daniels comes back in and hits a neckbreaker. He hits a series of elbows, but Magnus fights out and hits a big spinebuster. He tags in Gunner and Daniels tags in Kaz. Gunner goes to work on Kaz and hits an uranage slam and then gets him up in the torture rack. Daniels comes in and breaks it up, then Kaz sweeps Gunners leg while Daniels comes in with a flying clothesline, as Sabin distracts the ref. Kaz covers Gunner and gets the 3 count.

Kaz eliminates Gunner

Magnus comes in and hits a few uppercuts on Kaz. Magnus stalks Kaz, but Kaz slips behind them and dumps him into his corner. He tags in Daniels, who runs across the ring and knocks Angle off of the apron. Magnus and Daniels trade punches and Magnus ends up dumping Daniels on the outside. Magnus jumps off the apron and takes out Daniels with a flying clothesline. Magnus grabs his knee and the ref attends to him. The ref singals for trainers to come back and they are looking at Magnus, as we cut to ads.

We come back and Magnus has been taken to the back, presumably eliminating him from the match.

Magnus eliminated due to injury

All men are in the ring just beating down Angle. Angle is the victim of several quick tags and beat downs. Angle rolls up Daniels, but the ref is distracted by the rest of Roode's team. Kaz and Daniels take him down, and Roode demands to be tagged in because he wants to finish him. He tags in Roode who stalks Angle. Angle slips out of a firemans carry and takes out both Sabin and Daniels. Roode rushes in, but Angle avoids him and Roode knocks Kaz off of the apron. Angle hits a few clotheslines and a flying forearm. Angle hits a belly to belly suplex on Roode and Sabin, who rushes in.

Angle hits a trio of german suplexes on Roode. Daniels comes in and Angle has a trio for him. Kaz comes in and he meets the same fate. Angle still has the waistlock on Kaz, who clutches on to Daniels, who grabs the ropes. The ref knocks the rope out of Daniels' hands and Angle suplexes both Kaz and Daniels. Angle is noticeably tired and it is clear Kaz and Daniels were doing a lot of jumping to help Angle get them over on the last few suplexes.

Angle gets up and clotehslines Sabin and hits the Angle Slam on Sabin. He locks in the Ankle lock on Kaz, but Daniels tries to break it up. Angle takes down Daniels and locks in both Kaz and Daniels in the ankle lock. Roode comes in with a chair and misses with a swing to Angle's head. Angle hits the Angle slam on Roode and grabs the chair. He hits Roode in the back with the chair and ref calls for the bell.

Kurt Angle Disqualified

Winners: Robert Roode, Daniels, Kaz and Chris Sabin

Angle uses the chair to clear the ring of the other team and beats Roode down with the chair. Roode is selling the beating and rolls out of the ring. Roode's music plays, but Angle stands in the ring with the chair.

We come back from commercials and we see a recap of the recent match. Roode's team are celebrating in the back, and Roode says they need to get ready for the big Turkey dinner. They need to all think about what they are the most thankful for. Roode says that he is most thankful for being himself, and tonight he proved that Kurt Angle cannot beat him.

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