TNA Impact Results With Video: Huge 8-Man Tag, Aces & 8s Funeral And More

Gunner and Storm are in the back and Storm says that he doesn't know how Storm is getting double-teamed and his partner is just sitting on the apron. The cameraman asks if they have a goal as a tag-team, and Gunner storms away. Storm says that nobody dictates the future for James Storm.

We see the bracket for the world title tournament again and they hype the matches for next weeks Impact. We get a collection of videos for each man left in the tournament.

Dixie is in the back with EC3, while Spud sets the table. Dixie says that they have a dinner for themselves all set up back home, and are leaving on Dixie's plane right now. She tells Spud that he is in charge of the meal tonight, and she wants it to be a festive occasion.

We come back from ads and Spud is in the ring with the table set up for Thanksgiving. He welcomes everyone to the dinner and thanks the Carter's for having the dinner. All the winners come out, including Gail Kim with Tapa, Sky with Sabin and Ion with the BroMans. There are not enough seats at the table, so Tapa and Ion have to stand.

Spud welcomes them to the dinner, but Roode gets up and grabs the mic. He looks at Velvet and asks Sabin what she is doing here, as this is a table for winners only. Sabin grabs the mic and says "Bobby, you are absolutely right." He kicks out Sky and says that he will bring her a doggy back. Roode orders Zema to sit down, and he obliges. Roode tells everyone to feast their eyes on a table of true winners. He says they would all like to thank Dixie Carter. He then asks what everyone is thankful for.

Daniels says that him and Kaz are thankful for being dashingly-handsome, very intelligent, and well-endowed. Everything is coming up Bad Influence.

Kaz says that he is thankful that Park is not here to drink the gravy or fornicate with the pumpkin pie. He says that he thankful that he gets to spend Thanksgiving withe the Extraordinary Gentlemens Organization.

Kim says she is thankful for Tapa being so thankful, and that she is thankful for being the prettiest and the most dominant Knockout in history and her family.

Sabin says that he is thankful for his faithful, luxurious, that is on the top of his head. He is thankful for being the greatest X division champion of all-time and he adds Sky in at the end.

Jesse says that on behalf of the BroMans, they are thankful for Phil Heath and DJ Zema Ion. And they are thankful for tonight, not having to wear the turkey suits.

Roode has the mic and says that he is thankful for the REAL Thanksgiving, which was last month, in Canada. He is also thankful for being Kurt Angle three times, including tonight. And that each and every fan will be thankful when he becomes the new TNA World Champion.

Angle comes down the ramp and says that he sees a ring full of turkeys, and while each of them cheated to get into the dinner, they will never get to enjoy the fruits of their victory. Roode says that if Angle thinks he is so bad, why not come join them? Angle brings out all the losers from tonight, including Norv and Dewey, who are still in turkey suits, come down to the ring. The heel stand up for a fight and the faces get in teh ring and food starts flying everywhere. Sky puts an apple pie in Kims face, and ODB hits a chair shot on Tapa. EY dumps the table on the outside. EY picks up the Turkey and hits Kaz with it in the head. Gunner and Storm dump Jesse and Robbie on the floor, and Norv and Dewey hit twin frog splashes on them. Spud looks very upset and the faces celebrate in the ring as Impact goes off the air.

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