TNA Impact Results With Video: Huge 8-Man Tag, Aces & 8s Funeral And More

TNA Impact Results With Video: Huge 8-Man Tag, Aces & 8s Funeral And More

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Impact opens with a recap of Anderson defeating Aces & 8s, and the funeral for the group which is set for tonight. We also get a preview of Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy and Magnus and Kurt Angle will face each other in the world title tournament. Roode and Angle will choose their teams for the tag team elimination match tonight.

We go to a funeral parlor, where there is a casket and Aces & 8s signs.

We then go to the main stage, and Tenay welcomes us to Impact Wrestling. They hype the elimination tag match for tonight. Dixie Carter comes out and she thanks everyone. Their is a table in the ring with a black sheet over it and a silver platter on top. Dixie says that things have been going so good for her lately that she has hired herself a chief of staff. She has spent weeks interviewing people, but only one person has had the correct attributes. She welcomes her new chief of staff, and its Rockstar Spud. Spud comes down in a suit and hugs Dixie and kisses her hand.

Spud has the mic and thanks Dixie for the opportunity. Spud says that Dixie has guided him all the way through the British Boot Camp series, and calls her the greatest boss in the world. Spud warns the entire roster, he is watching you. His eyes might as well be Dixie's eyes and his ears Dixie's ears. Spud says that being British he is used to being around royalty, and in the United States, Dixie is his queen.

Dixie thanks him and says she wants to address the world title tournament. She says that they are down to four people, and she spun the wheel of Dixie. Kurt Angle and Magnus will face each other in a Last Man Standing Match, and Jeff Hardy will face Robert Roode in a tables match. Dixie tells some crappy story about how her family takes one of their many companies and splits them in half, and the winning side gets a turkey dinner. Spud takes off the top of the silver platter to reveal a cooked turkey. Dixie says there will be eight matches on the show tonight, and everyone that wins will get a feast fit for a king. The losers will get nothing.

Dixie says that she is out here to introduce someone very special to her, and it is Ethan Carter the III. EC3 comes down the ramp in full wrestling getup. He says that his aunt has given him the opportunity to pick his own opponent. This man is his biggest challenge yet, but he is undefeated, and some would say, unbeatable. Him and Dixie say the "Where the Carters and the world needs us" thing together. EC3's match is next as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break and EC3 is standing in the ring alone. Curry Man's intro plays and he comes out to the ring. He has the mic and he stars speaking in Japanese. EC3 jumps him from behind and bell rings.

Curry Man vs Ethan Carter III

EC3 hits a scoop slam on Curry Man and takes a snapmare take over. EC3 repeatedly throws Curry Man's face into the mat while yelling "I am Rich." EC3 gives the boots to Curry Man, who fights out with some chops, but he runs into a backdrop, and EC3 begins to beat down Curry Man with some fists and locks in rear chin lock. He lets Curry Man go and whips him into the buckle and hits a corner clothesline and hits a backsuplex.

He stalks Curry Man and whips him into the ropes, but Curry Man hits a few shots and a dropkick, He lights EC3 into the corner and hits a flying hip attack. He climbs the turnbuckle, but EC3 cuts him off and arm drags Curry Man off of the top. He hits a short-arm lariat on Curry Man. He hits the 1 percenter and gets the three count.

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