WWE Smackdown Recap: Tag Titles Defended, Mark Henry Vs. Curtis Axel, Food Eating Contest, More

WWE Smackdown Recap: Tag Titles Defended, Mark Henry Vs. Curtis Axel, Food Eating Contest, More

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Michael Cole and JBL are on commentary for this week's Smackdown.

Renee Young is in the middle of the ring. She calls Randy Orton down. She asks Orton about how he scored the victory at Survivor Series over Big Show. Orton says he has an iron jaw and wasn't knocked out. He was just playing possum, and it was his strategy. He says that the Authority's appearance at ringside tainted his victory.

Then, Young asks Orton about Cena's challenge on RAW, and Triple H's announcement of the TLC main event. Young asks how Orton felt when the Authority accepted the challenge, and Orton gets angry and leaves the ring.

The show heads backstage and Vickie Guerrero is throwing a Thanksgiving leftover party. Vickie says that her party will not break down into mayhem, but she is going to have a food eating contest. It's Titus O'Neil vs. The Great Khali. Everyone cheers them on as they shove food in their mouth.

Mark Henry (with Big E. Langston) vs. Curtis Axel

Axel kicks and strikes Henry to no avail. Henry rams him in the corner and hits a body avalanche. Axel charges Henry, but Henry hits a back elbow. Ryback runs down and attacks Langston on the outside. The distraction allows Axel to hit some offense. He attacks Henry's leg. Axel punches Henry in the head and then locks it in from behind. Henry gets out and hits a big boot. He rakes Axel's face and hits a head butt. Henry hits the Junkyard Dog headbutt, knocking Axel out of the ring. Axel stares Langston down. Ryback tries to attack Langston again, but Langston clotheslines him. Henry sends Axel back in the ring and hits the World's Strongest Slam for the win.

Winner: Mark Henry

Then, R Truth is backstage with Xavier Woods. Brodus Clay walks up. Xavier tries to thank him for letting him use his music, but Brodus is angry and says that Xavier stole the Funkadactyls and his music. He says they don't need rookies like him getting in the way of main event players like him. He tells Xavier to keep his mouth shut and don't speak unless spoken to and shoves him down. R Truth gets angry at Brodus and Tensai walks up and steps between them.

Back from commercial and the food eating contest is still going on. O'Neil is covered in food, but Khali is just eating calmly. AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka walk up to Vickie and she says that she is going to put them in a food fight against everyone else for showing up. They leave. Then, Khali collapses into his plate of food and O'Neil wins the contest. For winning, he gets to go one on one with Antonio Cesaro.

Los Matadores and El Torito vs. The Plymouth Rockers (3MB)

Slater and Torito start off. Torito dodges a bunch of grab attempts. The rest of the Rockers come into the ring, and the Matadores kick them to the outside. Then, Torito and both Matadores take out the Rockers with dives. Back in the ring, the Rockers quickly come back against the Matadores. McIntyre hits one of them repeatedly. The Matador hits McIntyre with a DDT. Torito tags in and hits a hurricanrana. He takes the other Rockers off the apron and head scissors McIntyre into the turnbuckle. One of the Matadors tags in. They hit their double team Samoan Drop on McIntyre for the win.

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