WWE Smackdown Recap: Tag Titles Defended, Mark Henry Vs. Curtis Axel, Food Eating Contest, More

The Wyatt Family's music hits and the lights go out briefly. When they come back on, the Wyatts stare on from the ramp. Ambrose drags Punk to his corner. Rollins tags in and keeps the attack up. Ambrose comes in and Punk hits them with a DDT/neckbreaker at the same time. The Wyatts attack Cody and Goldust on the apron.

Winners via DQ: Cody Rhodes, Goldust and CM Punk

The Wyatts keep the attack up. The Usos run out for the save. Then, Rey Mysterio runs out to even things up more. He goes for the 619 on Rollins, but Ambrose trips him.

Vickie Guerrero walks out. She screams that she demands order and turns it into a 12 man tag match.

The Usos, Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, Goldust and CM Punk vs. The Shield and The Wyatt Family

Back from commercial and Ambrose tags in Harper. He backs one of the Usos into the corner and whips him to another corner. Harper charges, but the Uso attacks him. Harper comes back quickly. Rollins tags in and stomps the Uso. Bray tags in and stomps the Uso as well. Bray drops an elbow and tags in Harper. Harper hits his gator death roll. He keeps the Uso's head locked in. The Uso gets to his feet, but Harper hits an upper cut. Harper whips him and charges, but the Usos hits an upper cut. Mysterio tags in and lands kicks to the legs. He goes up top and hits Harper with a seated senton. Mysterio bounces off the ropes, but Harper hits a big boot.

Bray tags in. He takes Mysterio to the corner and power whips him. Bray hits a body avalanche. He drags Mysterio to his corner and Rowan tags in. Rowan hits a body slam. He locks Mysterio in a bear hug and rag dolls him around. Mysterio fights out with elbows to the head, but Rowan lands a side slam. Ambrose tags in. Mysterio tries to crawl between his legs, but Ambrose stops him. He locks Mysterio's head in on the mat. Mysterio gets to his feet, but Ambrose knees him in the gut. Rollins tags in.

Mysterio hits Rollins with an enziguri. Mysterio tags in Punk and Rollins tags in Rowan. Punk sends Rowan out of the ring and hits a dive. He sends Rowan back inside and hits his running high knee three times. Punk hits his swinging neck breaker. Punk goes up top and hits the Macho Man elbow drop. Everyone tries to get involved from both teams. Punk lifts Rowan up for the GTS. Bray attacks him and puts him in Sister Abigail position. Mysterio attacks Bray. Rowan tries to attack Mysterio, but Mysterio hurricanranas him and hits 619. Punk then hits Rowan with the GTS for the win.

Winners: The Usos, Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, Goldust and CM Punk

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