SmackDown Weekend Review: Did You Agree With The Shield And Wyatt Family Losing Cleanly?

The initial tag team title match, which led to a six man match, which led to an twelve man match pitting CM Punk/Rey Mysterio/Usos/Cody Rhodes/Goldust vs. Shield/Wyatt Family was a good match, but I disagree on the booking. First, you already have two combustible elements in the Shield and the Wyatt Family teaming up, only for them to lose cleanly.

Second, without question, this match should have been built up for TLC. For the coming weeks, the angle could have been formed around whether the Shield and Wyatt Family could team, even seeing dissension between the two groups on Raw and SmackDown. This could have led to not only the teams working together, but them actually winning, with CM Punk putting over Roman Reigns in the match. Instead, we just got a match on SmackDown, with the babyfaces winning. WWE missed a money-making opportunity that could have done wonders to anticipate a minor PPV on top of the champion vs. champion match.

Were you in favor of the Shield and Wyatt Family losing cleanly after their first time teaming together? Comment below.

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