SmackDown Weekend Review: Did You Agree With The Shield And Wyatt Family Losing Cleanly?

This week of SmackDown programming came off the heels of Survivor Series, and it further developed the new angle of CM Punk being attacked by the Shield. In addition, the tag team titles were on the line as Cody Rhodes and Goldust competed against the Shield. However, a match that initially was supposed to involved four men, ended up involving 12.

Mark Henry vs. Curtis Axel was not very good, but the tandem of Henry and Big E. Langston does look very promising. It is a good way of setting up a feud between the two, and an even better way of putting Big E. Langston over and propelling his push. Curtis Axel, on the other hand, continues to make absolutely no difference in the company, and his days of being even mildly important are fading fast.

Los Matadores vs. The Plymouth Rockers (3MB) was quite boring, and made 3MB look more embarrassing than I thought was possible. This team needs to do something meaningful fast, like disband. Honestly, the best part of this match was hearing the Rockers theme song. Other than that, nothing else of worth.

Tons of Funk vs. R-Truth/Xavier Woods actually had some promise to it. Finally, Brodus Clay and Tensai may mean something as a team again with Clay having this envious edge to him. Moreover, this is a good way to bring Xavier Woods in the fold, as well as see where the loyalty of the Funkadactyls lie. A few interesting possibilities can brew from this, which would create a good spot for each person and lead to a decent feud.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Titus O'Neil was disgusting and funny at the same time. The food eating contest was appropriate for the Thanksgiving tradion, and O'Neil and The Great Khali were two good choices to bring some humor to the segment. O'Neil going on to fight Cesaro on a full stomach just screamed of a Cesaro Swing leading to O'Neil barfing, and that is exactly what happened. Unfortunately, Michael Cole and Zeb Colter received the worst ends of that exchange, and I am sure no other person envied them at the time. Overall, it was a good segment of the show.

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