WWE will release the "RAW 20th Anniversary Collection" tomorrow, a 12-disc DVD box set commemorating 20 years of Monday Night Raw. You can order yours for $59.96 with Amazon.com by clicking here.

The video clip shown above previews the "Raw Facts and Figures" mini-documentary included as an extra on the set with a runtime of approximately 20 minutes. It is hosted by Michael Cole and the Bella Twins.

The rest of the box set, which has a runtime of over 30 hours, is a compilation of the 20 "greatest episodes" of RAW. All are shown in full spread over the 12 discs and date from 1993 all the way through to 2012. Three of the episodes featured are: "Highest Rated RAW in History" (1999), "RAW and Nitro Simulcast" (2001) and "RAW Homecoming" (2005).

Below are a selection of photos of the new RAW box set.

The "RAW 20th Anniversary Collection" DVD box set officially releases tomorrow; get yours now from Amazon.com by clicking here.

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