WWE Monday Night RAW Results - TLC Contract Signing, Bad News Barrett Arrives, More

Back from the break and Rowan is in control of Bryan. Bryan tries to make a comeback but Rowan sends him out to the floor. Rowan follows and sends Bryan into the steel steps. They come back in the ring and Bryan makes a comeback. Bryan with a dropkick in the corner. Bryan goes for another but Rowan drops him with an elbow. Rowan with more offense on Bryan. Rowan keeps control and hits a big fallaway slam as the match runs longer than usual RAW matches it seems. Rowan with a big backbreaker. Rowan misses a splash. Bryan knocks Harper off the apron. Bryan runs the ropes and nails a suicide dive on Rowan. They come back in the ring and Bryan goes up top, nailing a missile dropkick. Bryan with kicks to the chest now. Rowan blocks the last kick and goes for a powerbomb but Bryan slides out. Bryan goes back to the top but Rowan hits a big boot. Rowan presses Bryan high up in the air but Bryan slides out and rolls Rowan up for the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

- After the match, the lights go out and Bray Wyatt appears on the big screen. He tells Rowan and Harper to stand down. He tells Bryan they're not going to hurt him unless he tells them to. Bray says he has done a lot of horrible things to a lot of good people and he's man enough to admit when he's in the wrong. Bray says he was wrong about Bryan, he viewed him as a creature chasing an uphill war he can't win. Bray asks Bryan how long he's willing to live this life. Bray says he understands Bryan but they look at him like he's some circus clown here for their amusement. Bray says he sees the monster in Bryan and they can't love Bryan like he can. Bray proposes they tear the walls down in this place together. Bray tells Bryan to open his eyes. We go to commercial.

- Back from the break and Daniel Bryan is backstage looking around. He runs into Kane. Kane congratulates him on the victory. Kane says it's only right Bryan face the same challenge at TLC that CM Punk does. Kane announces Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family in a handicap match for TLC.

Xavier Woods and R-Truth vs. Brodus Clay and Tensai

We go to the ring and out comes Xavier Woods and R-Truth. We see footage from SmackDown where the two teams got into it. Brodus Clay and Tensai are out next with Cameron and Naomi.

Clay and Woods start things off. Clay takes Woods' shots and shoves him back. Woods dropkicks Clay but Clay overpowers again and slams him. Clay taunts Woods and asks him if he wants to dance before slamming him some more. Tensai tags in and keeps control of Woods. Woods fights back and tags in Truth. Truth goes to work on Tensai and backs him into the corner. Truth with right hands in the corner. Truth does a split and staggers Tensai but Tensai comes right back with a huge shoulder tackle. Tensai catapults Truth under the middle rope. Clay tags back in and they double team Truth.

Truth blocks a big splash and fights back, taking Clay down with a kick to the jaw. Woods tags in and unloads on Clay. Clay runs into boots in the corner. Xavier with the Honor Roll for a 2 count. Woods knocks Tensai off the apron but Clay runs him over. Clay with a big overhead suplex on Woods. Clay with a splash in the corner. Clay goes to the second rope but Woods rolls out of the way of a splash. Woods rolls Clay up for the win.

Winners: Xavier Woods and R-Truth

- After the match, Clay goes to attack Woods but Truth pulls him to safety. Tensai tries to calm Clay down but they have words and look like they're going to fight.

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