WWE Monday Night RAW Results - TLC Contract Signing, Bad News Barrett Arrives, More

Winners: The Shield

- Up next, CM Punk will address The Shield. We see footage from Orton vs. Cena at Breaking Point 2009 before going back to commercial.

- Renee Young is backstage with CM Punk talking about his match against The Shield at TLC. Punk says he's like a kid at Christmas. Punk is overjoyed and excited for the match. Punk starts singing about how he feels pretty and witty and gay. No, he was just kidding. Punk says that's not his reaction. Punk says he's going down, he knows he's going down. The question is, how many of The Shield is he taking with him.

- We go to ringside for another segment with Bad News Barrett. He has more bad news - Americans celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday and as a result, we stink and are constipated. Barrett thanks us and the #BadNewsBarrett stamp flashes on the screen again.

- We see Kofi Kingston and The Miz backstage shaking hands before heading out for a tag match. More hype for the WWE App before going to commercial.

Kofi Kingston and The Miz vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel

We go to the ring and out comes Kofi Kingston followed by his partner The Miz. Ryback and Curtis Axel are waiting in the ring.

Axel and Miz start things off with Axel taking control. Miz turns it around and tags in Kofi for some double teaming and a 2 count. Miz tags in and comes off the top. Miz works over Axel and goes for a Figure Four but he slides out. Axel runs over from behind with a clothesline. Axel takes Miz to the corner and beats him down before tagging in Ryback for some double teaming. Ryback slams Miz and the Goldberg chants start. Ryback with a splash on Miz for a 2 count.

Ryback with a long vertical suplex before dropping him and going for a pin attempt. Ryback takes Miz to the corner and tags Axel back in. Axel with more of the same. Ryback comes back in with a bearhug. Miz finally gets out and tags in Kofi. Kofi unloads until Ryback rams him into the corner. Miz gets dropped off the apron. Kofi with a crossbody for a 2 count. Kofi mounts Ryback in the corner and knocks Axel off the apron. Ryback takes advantage and drops Kofi. Ryback hits Shellshocked for the win.

Winners: Ryback and Curtis Axel

- After the match, Axel and Ryback leave while Miz helps Kofi to his feet. Miz smacks Kofi in the face and leaves the ring.

- We go to Los Matadores and El Torito backstage with a WWE Shop segment. Torito tries to take all the merchandise and they have to calm him down.

- We see footage from last week of Randy Orton attacking John Cena. Still to come, the big TLC contract signing.

Mark Henry vs. Fandango

Back from the break and Fandango is dancing in the ring with Summer Rae. Mark Henry is out next. Henry controls most of the match early on and dances at Summer. Henry misses a splash in the corner and Fandango beats him down to one knee. Fandango drops Henry with a boot to the head and keeps control. Fandango with a big DDT for a 2 count.

Fandango comes off the top but Henry catches him in mid-air. Fandango forces him to fall for a 2 count. More back and forth. Henry ends up getting the win with a World's Strongest Slam.

Winner: Mark Henry

- After the match, Henry dances a little and invites Summer to come in the ring but she won't.

- We get a look back at SmackDown where Titus O'Neil won the eating contest and then puked everywhere.

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