With Vince McMahon buying the rights to WCW in March of 2001, the champion of the company, Booker T, did not immediately appear on WWE television. Instead, he debuted at the King of the Ring, attacking WWE Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. With the WCW Champion now on WWE TV, the title was allowed to be defended on the former rival's timeclock. So, that is what happened. However, the first time it was still branded under WCW, and was the main event of an episode of Raw a week after Booker T's debut.

And oh was it bad. Really bad.

Whether the blame is on the pressure of being part of a WCW main event of WWE programming, the fact that Booker T's opponent, Buff Bagwell, was never a main event superstar for any major promotion, or because of overall poor performance, this match goes down as one of the worst in the history of Raw.

The crowd seconded this motion by saying, "This match sucks."

Additionally, the commentating team is also worth noting. The chosen ones, Scott Hudson and Arn Anderson, showed in front of thousands at home listening that they were not, in the slightest, a well-polished team. Or, in that regard, even a polished team. Arn Anderson was not a WCW commentary person even when the company existed as a separate entity, and Hudson was not a token commentator even in his days with the Global Wrestling Federation. Yet in still, it was supposed to work. Somehow.

It really seemed as if Vince McMahon was driving a strong point home to all the grandfathered WCW superstars—unless you play by my standards, you will fail miserably for this company. If I choose to make you a star, so be it. However, do not count on your WCW fame to thrust you in the main event. Ask DDP.

It seemed quite ceremonial when both Booker T and Buff Bagwell were both thrown out the building by Steve Austin and Kurt Angle. We don't want your kind here, and you better be happy we even let you in. Thankfully, Booker T rebounded from that debacle and won multiple titles, including the World Heavyweight Championship.

Bagwell, on the other hand, never stepped foot in a WWE ring again.

Booker T vs. Buff Bagwell for the WCW Championship on WWE Raw—bad idea, and the match was even worse.

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