Guest Article: Justin Credible Goes Above And Beyond For Last Weekend's WrestleCade Event

Chris Gosek, who was involved with last weekend's WrestleCade independent show, sent us this article regarding Justin Credible going above and beyond for the event:

Going Above and Beyond for the fans… now that's Justin Credible
By Chris Gosek

Often times on all wrestling sites across the internet and through all means of social media, it is reported on, regardless of circumstances involved ever being considered, when a performer "let's down" the fans and has to cancel or does not show for a particular engagement. Likewise, the average fan or reader of said reports more often than not does not even think to consider these larger than life personalities as human beings, much less as a father or a husband, who is not necessarily under a huge contract to WWE or TNA but makes their living traveling endless miles each weekend to perform for us, the fans, even though at times not only are they lucky to break even on their expenses in traveling to the shows and then back home to their families once they are finished, but often times they have to cut their losses altogether and lose money to continue doing what they love and giving the fans a glimpse of their heroes. While the stories of a "no show" or some type of perceived "rip off" is very commonplace in the internet wrestling world, the story I will tell involving former ECW Champion, Justin Credible from this past weekend is one that is exactly the opposite of this and tells a tale rarely heard about through these types of media I speak of, and that is one of a superstar going above and beyond all circumstances to come through for his fans even when the odds are completely stacked against them.

This past weekend, myself and my partner and longtime friend, Steve were involved with the fantastic, WrestleCade event in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, as over 100 superstars from the past and present were on hand for an all-day fan fest to be followed by an exciting night of wrestling action before a sold out crowd which I believe was upwards of 2,500 in paid attendance. Steve and myself ("The Scum" on air), host a weekly podcast interview show called WGD Weekly, and when we were first thinking of attending WrestleCade, back in late August, we contacted a performer that had just been on our show and was in the midst of doing his best to re-emerge on the wrestling scene through various social media outlets and such, Justin Credible. After speaking with the promoter and founder of WrestleCade, Tracy Myers, we were thrilled to find out that not only was it felt to be a good fit for Justin to appear on behalf of WGD Weekly at the show, but he was also interested in bringing him in as the special guest referee in one of the night's main events, a return bout from the ECW days, pitting Tommy Dreamer against C.W. Anderson in an "I Quit" match. Justin was very grateful when we approached him about working at WrestleCade and has been very supportive and helpful to our show both prior to this coming about and in the weeks and months to follow. As the date grew closer, both myself and Steve, as well as the fans voicing their opinion on WrestleCade's home website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts were thoroughly excited to see Justin possibly renew some old rivalries from his "extreme" days, given his history with both Dreamer and C.W.

In the weeks immediately preceding the event, Justin (P.J. Polaco in his everyday life outside of the ring) had been dealt some difficult twists in the road to say the least, as his wonderful wife,Jill was diagnosed with cancer. This would be a tough enough blow for any family to take, much less one who has their personal life for the most part seen at any "curve in the road" by millions of dedicated wrestling fans on a daily basis across the internet. Now, P.J. himself has always been very open and candid in addressing his own personal demons from the past, as well, and as a recovered addict that has just recently celebrated one year of being drug free and sober, one would certainly think that unfortunate news such as this, coupled with the weekend schedule of working the independent circuit would make it even more difficult for a ring veteran of two decades to keep on the straight and narrow, which he very admirably has managed to do. So, even though I am sure that it would be a difficult decision given said diagnosis to fly out the day after Thanksgiving to make his WrestleCade appearance some 675 miles from he and Jill's Connecticut home, there was never even an inkling of him not making the appearance.

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