- The Miz continues to do media for Christmas Bounty, which released earlier this week on DVD, Blu-Ray and and Digital HD. Miz appeared on KTLA 5 in Los Angeles this morning to promote the movie. He and his co-star, Francia Raisa, were also recently interviewed by Starry Constellation Magazine and Miz revealed that his smooch with Raisa in the movie was his first on-screen kiss.

"I've been on TV for a while and I never had a movie or TV series where I've had a kiss with another actress, so this was my first time," Miz said. "I guess you could say I was pretty nervous about it, because I didn't know what the rules were. I just went for it, and I think it was Francia's best kiss she's ever had on screen, to be completely honest with you. I mean I'm a really good kisser. You can ask my fiancé!"

- Mick Foley will be taking his "Tales from Wrestling Past" comedy show to the Comedy Caravan in Louisville, KY tonight, and will follow it up with a show on Sunday night in Bloomington, IN. Foley will also partake in the International Fruitcake Eating Competition this Saturday in Santa Claus, IN. You can get more information or purchase tickets for these events by clicking here.

- The Las Vegas Review Journal has a short Q&A with the Bella Twins at this link, who shared some diet and exercise tips. The sisters were also asked if they ever planned to fight in the UFC.

"The Ronda Rousey arm bar doesn't look too pleasant," Brie replied. "I wouldn't want to get stuck in a (UFC) cage with that."

Nikki then said, "But I could break her [Rousey's] arm."

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