Views From The Turnbuckle: Wrestlemania 30 Card Projection

Ziggler has been in a rut since his horrendously booked WHC run, and now he is in danger of being swept up in mid-card hell. For whatever reason, WWE seems to have higher hopes for Reigns and Ambrose than they do for Rollins, but maybe Ziggler and Rollins can work together to prove them wrong. Both men are among the best workers WWE has, and are underrated on the microphone.

Mark Henry vs Big E Langston vs Big Show-Intercontinental Championship

If there is one thing WWE loves, it is to have two big guys go at it. Well, this is even better! Now they will have three guys go at it, and for added measure the IC title will be on the line. WWE will book this one as the ultimate match to determine the most destructive force in WWE, with Langston going over as they continue to look for their next big face.

Mickie James vs AJ Lee-Diva's Championship

AJ has been in no-mans land as Diva's champion. Too talented and popular to be dethroned by just anybody, no Diva has risen in popularity enough to seriously make WWE consider taking the title off of her. That leaves the best option being the return of a former Diva. Trish or Lita are probably out of the question, but Mickie James makes a lot of sense. Mickie is currently a FA and has shown interest in re-joining WWE, and she would be an excellent foil to AJ. This would probably be the biggest Diva's match in several years, so I think it makes the most sense for WWE to go ahead with this one.

CM Punk vs Bray Wyatt-Steel Cage Match

Although I would love to find a place for Punk in the main event, I just do not see it happening this year. That being said, wrestling the inflammatory Bray Wyatt is no small match, especially if they add in a nice gimmick in the match such as a Steel Cage. Currently, Daniel Bryan is feuding with the Wyatt family, but I see things changing soon, with Bryan going elsewhere and Punk stepping in.

If done right, this could be a really terrific program. Punk should be his anti-hero best, using any means necessary to incapacitate Rowan and Harper before the match. That will set up Bray, finally flying solo, locked inside a cage with one of WWE's best. This is where the Wyatt family could really start to scrape the ceiling of their potential. Punk is at the level where he can take a loss and still come back swinging in a world-title match without taking a hit, so even if he lost to Wyatt, it would not damage him a lot, while also giving Wyatt a huge boost.

Hulk Hogan and John Cena vs The Real Americans

Clearly this is a long shot, but if WWE were to bring back Hogan (remember this is Wrestlemania 30) this is the type of match they would have him wrestle in. I heard this idea from David Shoemaker over at, and it sounds perfect on paper. A tag match prevents Hogan from doing anything other than Hulking up, and who better to team him with than John Cena? Cena and Hogan are mostly the same wrestler, with Cena being the 2013 equivalent to 1991 Hulk Hogan. Having them team together for a tag match would make perfect sense.

The Real American's obviously do not have one iota of a chance of winning this match, but I do think they could make this interesting. Cena and Hogan are the real "Real" Americans, with Hogan's intro being the most obvious example of that. Imagine Zeb talking trash about Hogan being a traitor to America, or the total-awesomeness of seeing Cesaro put Hogan in the giant swing? Yeah, I don't like Hogan, but I would be interested in seeing this match.

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