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Impact opens with a very strange intro, talking about the world title tournament. Post-apoplectic and distopion themes are shown in the background as they highlight tonight's upcoming tournament matches.

Tonight's matches are Hardy vs Roode is a Tables match, and Magnus vs Angle in a Last Man Standing match. Angle's music plays and he comes down the ring. Angle says that Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, for our families, our blessings and for our health. Angle thanks the fans for their support in his quest to enter the TNA HOF. Angle says the world title tournament is his path to prove himself. He puts Aries over for pushing him, and he says Magnus will be an even tougher opponent. He calls Magnus out and he comes down to the ring.

Taz and Tenay talk about how Magnus hurt his knee last week. Angle asks Magnus what happened last week, leaving him high and dry against four wrestlers. Magnus says he has more respect for him than anybody he knows in wrestling. Magnus says he got the crap kicked out of him in a falls count anywhere match with Joe, but he still agreed to fight by Angles side in that match. Magnus said he tried, but his knee wasn't doing it. Angle says that champions fight hurt, and he asks Magnus if he really has the heart of a champion?

Magnus says that he has heart, and he has hunger. Hunger to be the best, number one and to go throw everyone to be the champion for the first time. And he will prove that hunger tonight. Angle says that they are friends, but Magnus is in the way of his destiny. If he wants to be the World Heavyweight Champion, he will have to go through Kurt.

Roode's music hits and he is on the stage. Roode says that Angle talks about being hungry, and having the heart of a champion. Roode says that at BFG 2011, he had the heart and the hunger but he did not get it done. Today, you need a killer instict, and he has that. He has the instict that makes you smash a beer bottle over your friends head to become world champion. Roode says that he has a tables match against Jeff Hardy. They all know what he did to Storm, imagine what he is going to do to Hardy? He says that Kurt knows what he is capable of, and that Magnus will never be world champion.

Hardy comes out and has a table. He drags the table down and says that Roode needs to go through him and all the Creatures to make it to the finals. All they need to do is to put Roode through one of these, and he points to the table. Hardy encourages the crowd to chant his name, and the match is next as we go to commercial.

We are back and the bell rings.

Tables Match: Jeff Hardy vs Robert Roode

Roode scores early with some rights and he pounds on Hardy in the corner. Roode backs off and Hardy hits some punches and hits a flying clothesline and then hits aleg drop to the abdomen and a drop kick. He works on Roode in the corner, and hits a dropkick, sending Roode hard into the turnbuckle. Hardy goes to the outside and gets a table. He puts the table on the apron, but Roode hits a baseball slide into the table, which sends Hardy back into the railing.

Roode beats Hardy on the outside and throws him back into the ring. Roode gets a table from the outside and puts it into the ring. Roode stomps away on Hardy and sets the table up in the corner. Roode takes his time and gets Hardy up. He chops Hardy in the chest and tries to throw him into the table. Hardy counters and tries to hip-toss Roode into the table. Hardy floats over Roode, but gets hit with a huge clothesline.

Roode catches an elbow in the corner, and Hardy goes for the whisper in the wind, but he misses. Roode stalks Hardy and gets him up. Roode picks Hardy up in a firemans carry, but Hardy escapes to the apron. Hardy and Roode trade blows on the apron, as a table is right next to them on the floor. Hardy teased hitting a twist of fate off the apron through the table. They trade blows, and Roode grabs Hardy's head, but Hardy kicks him away and they both crash through the table on the outside. The referee and the announcers look confused as we go to commercial.

We come back and it appears that the match is going to continue. Tenay explains that the refs could not make a decision, so they just kept the match going because both men went through at the same time.

Roode has Hardy down in the ring, but Hardy fights out. Hardy hits the ropes, but Roode catches him with a spinebuster. Roode grabs the table out of the corner and sets it up. Roode beats on Hardy and taunts the crowd. Roode has him up in the firemans carry, but Hardy slips out and hits the twist of fate, and roode stumbles back onto the table. Hardy climbs the turnbuckle, and Roode rolls off the table. Hardy hits a swanton anyways on Roode on the mat. He picks Roode up and sets him up on the top rope. He grabs the table and brings it closer to the turnbuckle. He goes for a superplex, but Rppde fights out. Roode picks Hardy up and crotches him on the top rope.

Hardy si down and Roode is on the apron. He tries to suplex Hardy off the apron onto the table set up on the floor. Hardy fights out and hits a kick to the chest, which knocks Roode off of the apron and sends him through the table.

Winner and World Title Tournament Finalist: Jeff Hardy

Hardy celebrates in the ring, while the referee checks on Roode.

We get an Impact365 video of EC3 getting his makeup done. EC3 says tonight he is going to challenge a legend of Impact Wrestling.

We get another Impact365 video of Dixie Carter. She says she got an email from AJ Style's agent, and that next week, she will get her world title back. She says that she is sorry to get all the lawyers involved, but AJ needed to listen. Dixie says she made her holiday happen a lot sooner.

EC3 has his intro and he comes down for his match. He says that he has faced a Litany of competition, but there is one man, a man who has faced Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart. Tonight, his hand-picked opponent is Earl Hebner. Hebner looks really confused in the ring. He takes the mic and says that he is not a wrestler, but a referee, and that this is not happening. EC3 says that Earl is a ref, a subordinate, a representative of the 99%. Carter says that Hebner works for him, his money and that tonight this match is going to happen. Also, he has a very special referee.

Rockstar Spud is shown leading Brian Hebner down the ring. Hebner comes down and EC3 says that Earl is going to lay down, and EC3 will pin him, and his disappointment of a son is going to count the fall. He tells Earl to lay-down, but Earl looks unsure. He teases laying down, but he gets back up. EC3 says that he better lay down, or he will put Earl in the ground. Earl lays down and EC3 asks Brian to ring the bell, unless the Hebners want a very light christmas. EC3 puts a single finger on Earl and Brian counts the fall very slowly, while apologizing to his father. EC3 is announced the winner and Brian is forced to roll Earl out of the ring. EC3 demands that Brian raises his hand, and he does so begrudgingly.

We get a recap of the Bad Influence/Abyss/Joe Park program, with Abyss randomly showing up in certain situations, and Kaz and Daniels trying to bring Abyss out. Daniels and Kaz are shown in the back talking about their last road trip and how they have some great pictures to show everyone.

We get a video of Sam Shaw talking to Christy Hemme over dinner. Hemme leaves to go to the bathroom, and he pulls a waiter over and says that he saw how he was looking at his girl, and if he does it again, he will rip his eyes out.

We get a recap of AJ taking the world title and leaving TNA with it, and Dixie complaining about getting the world title back. Dixie is shown in the back asking where Jason is. Some guy approaches Dixie with flowers, and they are from a fan. She yells at the guy with the flowers and says she only wants her TNA World Title belt.

Roode is shown in the back complaining about how he got eliminated because he fell through a table.

We see Sting coming into the Impact Zone, and Tenay and Tazz question what he is doing here.

We see Dixie talking to the talent backstage, and says that they she is in a festive manner. She announces that they will all be in a feast or fired match next week. One will get a world title shot, one will get an X division shot, and another will get a tag title shot. Someone else will get a pink slip.

Bad Influence comes down the ramp and Daniels has an envelope. Daniels says that him and Kaz have been hearing a lot of negative feedback about their interaction with Park. He says that what they don't understand, is that they know the truth about Joseph Park, and they are going to reveal it right now.

Park comes down to the ring and asks them to please stop. They have won, and they have accomplished what they wanted to do. Maybe Joeseph Park should have never been in Impact Wrestling, maybe he has always just been an attorney. Kaz cuts him off and saus that it is funny he brought up being an attorney, because they have some information pertaining to that subject. Park grabs the envelope and rips it apart. Kaz says that does not matter, and says they have the info up on video.

We get a video on the jumbotron of Kaz and Daniels at Park's law firm in Chicago. Theey go into his office and it is just dark and empty with nothing in it. They question his secretary, and they say that was the old office of some retired doctor. They question her about the office, and she says that Park's law firm was here, but they closed 13 years ago. Kaz and Daniels leave the office and the video ends.

Daniels says that they found out his law firm closed, and they ask what he has been doing for 13 years? It certainly was not working out. Park pleads with them, and asks them to please leave him alone. He tries to leave the ring, but Bad Influence stops him and call him a liar. They kick him in the gut and beat him down. Eric Young's music hits and he clears the ring of Kaz and Daniels. EY says that this has been going on long enough, and if they keep knocking on the devils door, the devil is going to answer. He says that there will be a tag match, Bad Influence taking on EY and Park next week on Impact.

Sting is talking to Magnus in the back. He says that he has earned his way, and he is proud of the man he has become. He thanks Sting for helping him out, and Sting asks him about people coming to him about the world title. Magnus says rumors are just part of wrestling, Sting leaves and tells him to tear it up.

Spud is in the back and says that the delivery man is here and he orders some guy to look out for him.

Zema Ion is at his DJ booth and he hypes up the BroMans. The BroMans come out and Ion is super obnoxious as the DJ. Gunner and James Storm come down to the ring to face the BroMans.

The BroMans vs Gunner and James Storm

Storm and Jesse start things out and Storm scores with a shoulder knockdown and a headlock takedown. He tags in Gunner and they hit a doubleteam clothesline/bulldog combo for a two-count. Gunner backs Robbie E into the corner and brings Jesse in the hard way. He hits a forearm shot for a one count and throws Jesse into the corner. He hits a few shots to the gut and pounds him all the way down into thr corner. Robbie distracts Gunner and he chases him around the ring. The BroMans double team Gunner and Jesse hits a dropkick for a one count.

Jesse beats down Gunner in the corner while Ion keeps playing his annoying horn on the DJ booth. Jesse hits a few knee lifts and an elbow. He continues the beatdown and chokes him in the ropes. Gunner catches Jesse with a fall-away slam and tags in Storm. Storm hits a couple clotheslines and a flying forearm. Storm hits an inverted atomic drop and a neckbreaker. He sends Robbie to the outside and hits a double-stabber on Jesse. He hits the last call superkick on Jesse. Robbie spits something into Gunner's eyes, and Gunner loses it and starts nailing Robbie. Storm has the cover, but the ref is trying to break up Gunner and Robbie. Gunner pushes the referee away, and gets disqualified.

Winner: BroMans

Sting is about to knock on Angle's door, but Spud stops him. Spud asks why he needs to see Kurt and asks who Sting is? Sting and Spud converse and Spud says that Sting failed in his opportunity to get into the world title tournament. Spud says that Dixie Carter would kindly ask him to leave. Sting mocks Spud and says that if she would kindly want Sting to leave, she will have to kindly say it to his face. Spud announces that the package is here and he leaves.

We get another video of Gail Kim kissing her husband Robert Irvine. Gail talks about the open challenge and she says she has been dominating. Irvine says that when you have someone that can actually beat the number one Knockout in the world, then bring them, don't waste her time.

We get another Impact365 video and it is Chris Sabin with Velvet Sky. He says that he lost in the first round in the tournament, and that he thought he hit rock bottom. He says that you gave him hope, and with your help, he will defeat Austin Aries next week. He lifts up the X Division title belt, and the match between him and Aries for the X division championship is announced for next week.

Gail Kim comes down the ring with Lei'd Tapa for her open challenge. Laura Dennis, whoever that is, comes down to the ring for her match.

Gail Kim vs Laura Dennis

Gail runs right at Dennis and beats her down as the bell rings. Kim hits an uppercut and a stranglehold neckbreaker for a two count. She hits a discus forearm and a flying clothesline in the corner. She boots Dennis on the mat and hits a knee lift. She plays to the crowd and chokes Dennis with her boot in the corner. She hits a shoulder block in the corner. She taunts Dennis and kicks her in the side of the head. She talks trash and picks Dennis up, who connects with a slap. She hits some right hands a clothesline.

She rushes into the corner, but Kim gets the boots up. She hits Eat Defeat for the three count.

Winner: Gail Kim

Kim hits another Eat Defeat on Dennis after the match. Tapa picks her up into the firemans carry, but ODB comes down adn takes out both Kim and Tapa and clears the ring. Tapa grabs ODB from the outside, but Kim makes her let go and they walk to the back while ODB taunts them in the ring.

Dixie is on the phone asking Spud where the package is. She listens and says that it is wonderful and she hangs up the phone.

Magnus comes down the ring for his Last Man Standing Match. Angle is out next.

Last Man Standing Match: Kurt Angle vs Magnus

They circle each other and lock up. Magnus backs Kurt into the corner and breaks the hold. They go at it again and Angle takes him down with an amateur lift. They do it again and chain wrestle nicely, exchanging holds on each others arm. Angle goes for the ankle and Magnus quickly gets away. Magnus locks in a side-headlock and Angle tries to break it by hitting the ropes, but Magnus puts the breaks on. Angle hits a back suplex, but Magnus still holds on.

Kurt gets Magnus back up and catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex. The ref counts Magnus to 4, but he gets up. They hit the ropes a few times and Magnus connects with a clothesline. The ref counts Angle, but Magnus gets him up and hits some uppercuts in the corner. Magnus goes for a scoop slam, but Angle slips out and hits the ropes, and they both hit clotheslines on each other. They both get up and Magnus runs through Angle with another clothesline.

Magnus beats on Angle as we go to commercials.

We come back and and despite a match going on, we see Dixie getting her package delivered to her. We go back to the match and Magnus hits a suplex on Angle. The ref counts Angle, but he is up at six. Magnus goes for a german suplex, but Angle goes behind him and hits a series of germans of his own, I think it was about six. Angle finally lets go and the ref counts Magnus up to 7. Kurt tackles Magnus out of the ring and they are both down on the outside.

The ref counts both men and they both get up at 8. Magnus gets on the apron, but Angle goes up after him and teases a German suplex off of the apron. Magnus scores with a few elbows and knocks Angle off of the apron. Magnus hits an elbow drop off of the apron and the ref counts Angle. Angle gets up at nine and Magnus dumps him back in the ring. Magnus climbs the turnbuckle, and Angle runs up the turnbuckle and hits a super-belly-to-belly off of the top. The ref counts down Magnus, but he gets up at 8.

Angle hits a snap suplex, and goes for a moonsault, but Magnus gets out of the way. Both men get to there feet, and Magnus hits a uranage slam and then an elbow drop off of the top. Angle is being counted out and he gets up at nine. Magnus charges across the ring, but Kurt gets out of the way, and Magnus grazes the ref, who oversells and goes down. Angle hits the Angle slam, but the ref is out. Roode runs in and hits his firemans-carry neckbreaker finisher. The reg counts both men out, but Magnus gets up at eight and Angle stays down.

Winner and Finalist for the TNA World Title: Magnus

After the match, Roode comes back in and beats down Angle, but Hardy comes out and makes the save. Hardy and Magnus shake hands.

Dixie is in the back opening up her package. She is very excited, but she ends up getting a cardboard cut-out of the a title belt. Dixie storms away, as a video of AJ plays. AJ says that if she wants her title belt, she will need to come down to Gainesville, Georgia and come get it from him, and Impact goes off the air.

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