TNA Impact Results (With Video): World Title Match Set And More

TNA Impact Results (With Video): World Title Match Set And More

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Impact opens with a very strange intro, talking about the world title tournament. Post-apoplectic and distopion themes are shown in the background as they highlight tonight's upcoming tournament matches.

Tonight's matches are Hardy vs Roode is a Tables match, and Magnus vs Angle in a Last Man Standing match. Angle's music plays and he comes down the ring. Angle says that Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, for our families, our blessings and for our health. Angle thanks the fans for their support in his quest to enter the TNA HOF. Angle says the world title tournament is his path to prove himself. He puts Aries over for pushing him, and he says Magnus will be an even tougher opponent. He calls Magnus out and he comes down to the ring.

Taz and Tenay talk about how Magnus hurt his knee last week. Angle asks Magnus what happened last week, leaving him high and dry against four wrestlers. Magnus says he has more respect for him than anybody he knows in wrestling. Magnus says he got the crap kicked out of him in a falls count anywhere match with Joe, but he still agreed to fight by Angles side in that match. Magnus said he tried, but his knee wasn't doing it. Angle says that champions fight hurt, and he asks Magnus if he really has the heart of a champion?

Magnus says that he has heart, and he has hunger. Hunger to be the best, number one and to go throw everyone to be the champion for the first time. And he will prove that hunger tonight. Angle says that they are friends, but Magnus is in the way of his destiny. If he wants to be the World Heavyweight Champion, he will have to go through Kurt.

Roode's music hits and he is on the stage. Roode says that Angle talks about being hungry, and having the heart of a champion. Roode says that at BFG 2011, he had the heart and the hunger but he did not get it done. Today, you need a killer instict, and he has that. He has the instict that makes you smash a beer bottle over your friends head to become world champion. Roode says that he has a tables match against Jeff Hardy. They all know what he did to Storm, imagine what he is going to do to Hardy? He says that Kurt knows what he is capable of, and that Magnus will never be world champion.

Hardy comes out and has a table. He drags the table down and says that Roode needs to go through him and all the Creatures to make it to the finals. All they need to do is to put Roode through one of these, and he points to the table. Hardy encourages the crowd to chant his name, and the match is next as we go to commercial.

We are back and the bell rings.

Tables Match: Jeff Hardy vs Robert Roode

Roode scores early with some rights and he pounds on Hardy in the corner. Roode backs off and Hardy hits some punches and hits a flying clothesline and then hits aleg drop to the abdomen and a drop kick. He works on Roode in the corner, and hits a dropkick, sending Roode hard into the turnbuckle. Hardy goes to the outside and gets a table. He puts the table on the apron, but Roode hits a baseball slide into the table, which sends Hardy back into the railing.

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