TNA Impact Results (With Video): World Title Match Set And More

We get a recap of the Bad Influence/Abyss/Joe Park program, with Abyss randomly showing up in certain situations, and Kaz and Daniels trying to bring Abyss out. Daniels and Kaz are shown in the back talking about their last road trip and how they have some great pictures to show everyone.

We get a video of Sam Shaw talking to Christy Hemme over dinner. Hemme leaves to go to the bathroom, and he pulls a waiter over and says that he saw how he was looking at his girl, and if he does it again, he will rip his eyes out.

We get a recap of AJ taking the world title and leaving TNA with it, and Dixie complaining about getting the world title back. Dixie is shown in the back asking where Jason is. Some guy approaches Dixie with flowers, and they are from a fan. She yells at the guy with the flowers and says she only wants her TNA World Title belt.

Roode is shown in the back complaining about how he got eliminated because he fell through a table.

We see Sting coming into the Impact Zone, and Tenay and Tazz question what he is doing here.

We see Dixie talking to the talent backstage, and says that they she is in a festive manner. She announces that they will all be in a feast or fired match next week. One will get a world title shot, one will get an X division shot, and another will get a tag title shot. Someone else will get a pink slip.

Bad Influence comes down the ramp and Daniels has an envelope. Daniels says that him and Kaz have been hearing a lot of negative feedback about their interaction with Park. He says that what they don't understand, is that they know the truth about Joseph Park, and they are going to reveal it right now.

Park comes down to the ring and asks them to please stop. They have won, and they have accomplished what they wanted to do. Maybe Joeseph Park should have never been in Impact Wrestling, maybe he has always just been an attorney. Kaz cuts him off and saus that it is funny he brought up being an attorney, because they have some information pertaining to that subject. Park grabs the envelope and rips it apart. Kaz says that does not matter, and says they have the info up on video.

We get a video on the jumbotron of Kaz and Daniels at Park's law firm in Chicago. Theey go into his office and it is just dark and empty with nothing in it. They question his secretary, and they say that was the old office of some retired doctor. They question her about the office, and she says that Park's law firm was here, but they closed 13 years ago. Kaz and Daniels leave the office and the video ends.

Daniels says that they found out his law firm closed, and they ask what he has been doing for 13 years? It certainly was not working out. Park pleads with them, and asks them to please leave him alone. He tries to leave the ring, but Bad Influence stops him and call him a liar. They kick him in the gut and beat him down. Eric Young's music hits and he clears the ring of Kaz and Daniels. EY says that this has been going on long enough, and if they keep knocking on the devils door, the devil is going to answer. He says that there will be a tag match, Bad Influence taking on EY and Park next week on Impact.

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