TNA Impact Results (With Video): World Title Match Set And More

Sting is talking to Magnus in the back. He says that he has earned his way, and he is proud of the man he has become. He thanks Sting for helping him out, and Sting asks him about people coming to him about the world title. Magnus says rumors are just part of wrestling, Sting leaves and tells him to tear it up.

Spud is in the back and says that the delivery man is here and he orders some guy to look out for him.

Zema Ion is at his DJ booth and he hypes up the BroMans. The BroMans come out and Ion is super obnoxious as the DJ. Gunner and James Storm come down to the ring to face the BroMans.

The BroMans vs Gunner and James Storm

Storm and Jesse start things out and Storm scores with a shoulder knockdown and a headlock takedown. He tags in Gunner and they hit a doubleteam clothesline/bulldog combo for a two-count. Gunner backs Robbie E into the corner and brings Jesse in the hard way. He hits a forearm shot for a one count and throws Jesse into the corner. He hits a few shots to the gut and pounds him all the way down into thr corner. Robbie distracts Gunner and he chases him around the ring. The BroMans double team Gunner and Jesse hits a dropkick for a one count.

Jesse beats down Gunner in the corner while Ion keeps playing his annoying horn on the DJ booth. Jesse hits a few knee lifts and an elbow. He continues the beatdown and chokes him in the ropes. Gunner catches Jesse with a fall-away slam and tags in Storm. Storm hits a couple clotheslines and a flying forearm. Storm hits an inverted atomic drop and a neckbreaker. He sends Robbie to the outside and hits a double-stabber on Jesse. He hits the last call superkick on Jesse. Robbie spits something into Gunner's eyes, and Gunner loses it and starts nailing Robbie. Storm has the cover, but the ref is trying to break up Gunner and Robbie. Gunner pushes the referee away, and gets disqualified.

Winner: BroMans

Sting is about to knock on Angle's door, but Spud stops him. Spud asks why he needs to see Kurt and asks who Sting is? Sting and Spud converse and Spud says that Sting failed in his opportunity to get into the world title tournament. Spud says that Dixie Carter would kindly ask him to leave. Sting mocks Spud and says that if she would kindly want Sting to leave, she will have to kindly say it to his face. Spud announces that the package is here and he leaves.

We get another video of Gail Kim kissing her husband Robert Irvine. Gail talks about the open challenge and she says she has been dominating. Irvine says that when you have someone that can actually beat the number one Knockout in the world, then bring them, don't waste her time.

We get another Impact365 video and it is Chris Sabin with Velvet Sky. He says that he lost in the first round in the tournament, and that he thought he hit rock bottom. He says that you gave him hope, and with your help, he will defeat Austin Aries next week. He lifts up the X Division title belt, and the match between him and Aries for the X division championship is announced for next week.

Gail Kim comes down the ring with Lei'd Tapa for her open challenge. Laura Dennis, whoever that is, comes down to the ring for her match.

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