TNA Impact Results (With Video): World Title Match Set And More

Gail Kim vs Laura Dennis

Gail runs right at Dennis and beats her down as the bell rings. Kim hits an uppercut and a stranglehold neckbreaker for a two count. She hits a discus forearm and a flying clothesline in the corner. She boots Dennis on the mat and hits a knee lift. She plays to the crowd and chokes Dennis with her boot in the corner. She hits a shoulder block in the corner. She taunts Dennis and kicks her in the side of the head. She talks trash and picks Dennis up, who connects with a slap. She hits some right hands a clothesline.

She rushes into the corner, but Kim gets the boots up. She hits Eat Defeat for the three count.

Winner: Gail Kim

Kim hits another Eat Defeat on Dennis after the match. Tapa picks her up into the firemans carry, but ODB comes down adn takes out both Kim and Tapa and clears the ring. Tapa grabs ODB from the outside, but Kim makes her let go and they walk to the back while ODB taunts them in the ring.

Dixie is on the phone asking Spud where the package is. She listens and says that it is wonderful and she hangs up the phone.

Magnus comes down the ring for his Last Man Standing Match. Angle is out next.

Last Man Standing Match: Kurt Angle vs Magnus

They circle each other and lock up. Magnus backs Kurt into the corner and breaks the hold. They go at it again and Angle takes him down with an amateur lift. They do it again and chain wrestle nicely, exchanging holds on each others arm. Angle goes for the ankle and Magnus quickly gets away. Magnus locks in a side-headlock and Angle tries to break it by hitting the ropes, but Magnus puts the breaks on. Angle hits a back suplex, but Magnus still holds on.

Kurt gets Magnus back up and catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex. The ref counts Magnus to 4, but he gets up. They hit the ropes a few times and Magnus connects with a clothesline. The ref counts Angle, but Magnus gets him up and hits some uppercuts in the corner. Magnus goes for a scoop slam, but Angle slips out and hits the ropes, and they both hit clotheslines on each other. They both get up and Magnus runs through Angle with another clothesline.

Magnus beats on Angle as we go to commercials.

We come back and and despite a match going on, we see Dixie getting her package delivered to her. We go back to the match and Magnus hits a suplex on Angle. The ref counts Angle, but he is up at six. Magnus goes for a german suplex, but Angle goes behind him and hits a series of germans of his own, I think it was about six. Angle finally lets go and the ref counts Magnus up to 7. Kurt tackles Magnus out of the ring and they are both down on the outside.

The ref counts both men and they both get up at 8. Magnus gets on the apron, but Angle goes up after him and teases a German suplex off of the apron. Magnus scores with a few elbows and knocks Angle off of the apron. Magnus hits an elbow drop off of the apron and the ref counts Angle. Angle gets up at nine and Magnus dumps him back in the ring. Magnus climbs the turnbuckle, and Angle runs up the turnbuckle and hits a super-belly-to-belly off of the top. The ref counts down Magnus, but he gets up at 8.

Angle hits a snap suplex, and goes for a moonsault, but Magnus gets out of the way. Both men get to there feet, and Magnus hits a uranage slam and then an elbow drop off of the top. Angle is being counted out and he gets up at nine. Magnus charges across the ring, but Kurt gets out of the way, and Magnus grazes the ref, who oversells and goes down. Angle hits the Angle slam, but the ref is out. Roode runs in and hits his firemans-carry neckbreaker finisher. The reg counts both men out, but Magnus gets up at eight and Angle stays down.

Winner and Finalist for the TNA World Title: Magnus

After the match, Roode comes back in and beats down Angle, but Hardy comes out and makes the save. Hardy and Magnus shake hands.

Dixie is in the back opening up her package. She is very excited, but she ends up getting a cardboard cut-out of the a title belt. Dixie storms away, as a video of AJ plays. AJ says that if she wants her title belt, she will need to come down to Gainesville, Georgia and come get it from him, and Impact goes off the air.

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