WWE Smackdown Recap (With Video): CM Punk Vs. A Member Of The Shield, Orton Vs. Bryan, More

Smackdown opens with Michael Cole and JBL on commentary.

Randy Orton comes down to the ring. He cuts a promo about the main event of TLC and how he will beat John Cena and overcome what he did to him on RAW. Footage from the contract signing is then shown. He doesn't like anyone in the back, but he does revere the Authority. He publicly apologizes to the Authority for taking them for granted sometimes.

Daniel Bryan's music hits. He comes down to the ring and takes up a mic. Bryan thinks that Orton needs to apologize to the fans for impersonating a champion. He brings up that not once did Orton legitimately beat him during their rivalry. Bryan hasn't forgotten it, and he's not done with Orton. Whoever wins at TLC, Bryan is going to be at the front of the line waiting for a shot. He challenges Orton to a match for old times sake. Orton says no. Bryan asks the fans what they want, and everyone chants yes as Orton gets out of the ring and leaves up the ramp.

Back from commercial and Orton vs. Bryan is announced for later.

Fandango vs. Big E. Langston

Damien Sandow is on commentary for this match. Langston back drops Fandango. He rams his shoulder into Fandango's gut in the corner. Langston charges, and Fandango puts a boot up. Langston shoves him out of the ring. He follows, and Fandango hits a clothesline. He sends Langston back inside. Fandango attacks Langston with kicks and strikes. Langston comes back with several clotheslines and a belly to belly Suplex. Langston hits his running splash. He goes for the Big Ending, but Fandango counters with a dropkick. He knees Langston in the head. Fandango goes up top, and Langston tosses him off. Langston hits Fandango with a body avalanche, and then the Big Ending for the win.

Winner: Big E. Langston

Sandow gets into the ring after the match, and he and Langston stare each other down.

Then, the opening to WWE Smackdown is shown, but from WWE 2K14.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel

Cody and Ryback start off. Ryback hits a knee to the gut. He clubs Cody in the back. Cody comes back with a few kicks. Goldust tags in and keeps up the offense briefly. Ryback drops Goldust on the ropes. Ryback goes up top and hits a splash. Axel tags in and drops an elbow. He kicks Goldust in the corner. Ryback comes in. He whips Axel into Goldust and then hits Goldust with a body avalanche. Axel comes in. He locks in Goldust's head from behind on the mat. Goldust gets to his feet. Axel goes for a dropkick, but Goldust hangs onto the ropes. Goldust gets a pin attempt. Goldust hits a powerslam.

Cody tags in and hits Axel with a missile dropkick. He goes for a disaster kick, but Axel dodges. Cody gets a quick pin attempt. Axel charges, but Cody sidesteps, sending Axel's shoulder into the turnbuckle. Cody goes up and hits a moonsault. Ryback breaks up the pin attempt and Goldust clotheslines him outside. Cody goes outside and hits Ryback with a disaster kick. He goes to enter the ring, and Axel rolls him up for the win.

Winners: Curtis Axel and Ryback

Back from commercial and Bad News Barrett cuts a promo insulting the crowd.

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