Total Divas Recap: TJ And Nattie Say Goodbye To Gizmo, Jon Gets Jealous Over Trinity, More

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The show opens with John Cena and Nikki Bella. John has an electric muscle stimulator on his arm to help pump the fluid out of his elbow. They put it on his chest to see his pecs flex. Cena acts like she turned it up too much and scares her.

Things head to Phoenix and Daniel Bryan and Brie are working out. Brie talks about how she has been singles wrestling thanks to Nikki's injury. She wants to stay strong so people can see she doesn't need her sister. Bryan tells her that people are starting to acknowledge her for the work she's doing.

TJ and Nattie arrive at their house. Nattie finds a dead lizard under a table that the car killed. She picks up Gizmo the cat and Nattie talks about how TJ is close to him due to his time off for injury.

Then, things head to Jon and Trinity. They're going to look at engagement rings. She doesn't like the first one he bought because it snags on stuff a lot. She talks about loving him because he's so silly and makes her laugh.

The show heads to Las Vegas. Eva Marie walks up to Nattie and tells her she loves her outfit. Nattie talks about how she has a photo shoot, and then talks about TJ getting back in the ring soon.

Brie and Nikki are then shown getting ready. Brie says she thinks Nikki enjoys being a housewife and being apart from the ring. Footage from an episode of Smackdown is shown. Brie says that she can exist without Nikki.

Then, Trinity and Jon go to a barber and Trinity gets her hair cut. Trinity talks about an upcoming photo shoot she has with Jet Magazine. She shows Jon a copy of the magazine and he doesn't like that every girl in it wears a bikini.

The show heads back to Florida. TJ calls Nattie and tells her that there is something wrong with Gizmo. He collapsed. Nattie starts freaking out and hurries home. She talks about Gizmo having all kinds of kidney problems. They drive and take the cat to the vet. They arrive and the vet takes the cat back to look at it.

Back from commercial and Nikki and Brie are shopping. Nikki talks about Brie farting in front of Bryan and blaming it on her feet. Brie asks if Nikki will come to the ring with her after she's done decorating their house. Nikki doesn't want to, and Brie gets frustrated. Nikki talks about not being ready yet.

Then, the show heads to Cleveland. All the divas are shown arriving. Eva Marie tells Ariane that she has a bad bruise on her chest. Nattie gets a call from the vet. Gizmo had a stroke, and the vet recommends they put the cat down because he can't move his back legs anymore. TJ talks about hating feeling sad and tries to comfort Nattie.

The Funkadactyls head back to the talent relations department. Mark tells them that Trinity is going to be put into a love interest story line after Night of Champions. She is excited because it's a rare opportunity. She isn't going to turn it down. Ariane is excited for Trinity and hopes it means more TV time for both of them.

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