Views From The Turnbuckle: The Authority Storyline And Why Triple H Is Blowing It

If Triple H is not going to be the number one heel in the company, and if Triple H is going to come out and be a face sometimes, than he cannot be the one calling all the shots and having all the power. In the NWO, Eric Bischoff was the matchmaker and the guy with power, but he was never recognized as the leader. That was always Hulk Hogan. Eric Bischoff did his best to please Hogan, and he always had supreme confidence that Hogan could get the job done. If Triple H is not going to be this overpowering bad guy, than he should not be the leader of a faction that is billed as being overpowering bad guys.

Anyone that is familiar with Triple H and his ego would realize that there is zero chance that Triple H would make himself subservient to Randy Orton. And that is where the crux of the problem is: Triple H's ego. This is just my personal opinion, but I think that Triple H wants to be a dominant heel and a beloved face, at the same time. I think that Triple H is jealous of guys like Chris Jericho, guys that come back as heels, but are just so beloved by the fans that they cheer for them anyways. I think that Triple H is upset that he is not at that level, and that is why he sometimes tries to act like a face. When Triple H came marching out of the back to start Survivor Series to cut that promo pumping up the crowd, it is because he wants to be seen on that iconic level that guys like Chris Jericho and The Rock are at. He wants to be so legendary that no matter how evil he gets, he will still get some cheers. It eats away at him that he is not on that level, and no matter how much power he obtains behind the scenes in WWE, no matter how he books himself, there is a chance that he will never reach that level of respect and admiration from the fans.

The issue of course, is that Triple H is not The Rock who shows up a few months out of the year, or Chris Jericho, who is more of a role player than a main-event title contender at this point. Triple H is supposed to be the most dominant heel in wrestling, he is on TV every week and he is supposed to be the leader of a faction that holds all the cards in WWE. Forcing some face attributes on an overwhelmingly heel character leaves him in some sort of gray area, where is he obviously a bad guy, but he does some nice things for talent and the fans, so you cannot love or hate him too much. The fact that HHH has not had a clearly defined role in WWE is why we have not seen any large improvements in WWE, either financially or in overall quality.

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