After last night's WWE RAW in Seattle, John Cena defeated Randy Orton by DQ when Orton used a steel chair. Orton then went for a RKO but caught an Attitude Adjustment instead.

Cena then called out Daniel Bryan to a huge pop. Booker T came out and encouraged Bryan to do a Spinarooni. Bryan hesitated but did one, barely. Cena was up next and he also barely executed it. Cena brought out John Laurinaitis, who did a People Power Spinarooni. Then, Titus O'Neil did a pretty good Spinarooni.

Stephanie McMahon was called out next. She hesitated also but did a Spinarooni. CM Punk was next, in his underwear, and he also did it. Booker thanked the fans to end the show and send everyone home really happy.

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