WWE Main Event Recap: Ziggler Vs. Axel, Tons Of Funk Vs. Woods And R Truth, Natalya Vs. Fox

R Truth and Xavier Woods vs. Tons of Funk

Woods and Tensai start off. Woods hits head shots. Tensai tosses him in the corner. Woods comes back quickly with strikes. He goes for a kick to the head, but Tensai swats his foot away. Woods hits a dropkick. Tensai tosses him to the apron. Woods tries for a sunset flip, but Tensai doesn't move. Tensai hits a shoulder knockdown. Clay tags in. He keeps up the attack. Clay hangs Woods off the top turnbuckle and splashes against him. He steps on Woods. Clay drops an elbow. He clubs Woods in the chest and then clamps his side.

Clay hits a body slam. He taunts Truth and smacks Woods's side. He knees Woods in the gut and hits a right hand to the head. Clay goes for another body slam, but Woods slips out and hits an enziguri. He tags in Truth. Truth hits a missile dropkick and multiple right hands. He kicks out Clay's legs and hits a scissors kick for a near pin fall. Clay goes outside for a breather. Tensai tries to talk to him. Truth goes for a dive, but TOF catch him. Woods leaps out and takes them out as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Clay is in control of Truth. He hits Woods off the apron. Truth takes control. He strikes Clay into the corner and goes up top. Clay shoves him off and hits a leg drop. He tags in Tensai. Tensai hits a double underhook Suplex. He vice grips Truth's shoulder. Truth gets to his feet. Tensai keeps the attack up. He drops an elbow. Clay tags in and hits a corner splash. He grips Truth's shoulder in. Truth fights out, but Clay clubs him in the back. He hits Truth with another leg drop and clamps back down on his shoulder.

Truth gets to his feet again. Clay sends him into the turnbuckle. He locks in both of Truth's shoulders. Truth fights out and hits a heel kick. Woods tags in and hits a dropkick. Woods lands a DDT. He hits Clay with the Honor Roll for a near fall. Woods kicks Tensai off the apron. Clay goes for a powerbomb, but Woods fights free. Truth tags in, unbeknownst to Clay. Clay hits Woods with an exploder Suplex. Truth pins Clay quickly for the win.

Winners: Tons of Funk

Clay attacks Truth after the match. Tensai yells at him and tells him no. He shoves Tensai and Tensai keeps telling him no. Clay walks up the ramp alone as the show ends.

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