TNA Impact Results With Video: New Champion Crowned, Feast Or Fired And More

Park no sells their attacks and hits a chokeslam on Kaz and a big slash on Daniels. Park hits the shock treatment on DAniels and then Kaz runs into a blackhole slam for the victory.

Winners: Joseph Park and Eric Young

EY tells Park after the match that this is crazy. 18 months ago he was looking for Abyss. The reason he can't find Abyss is because Park is Abyss. Young drops the mic and walks away while Park looks confused in the ring.

We get an Impact365 video of EC3 getting a massage. A guy asks him if he has any heat from the other guys. Carter says that he had to take out another legend last week, and tonight he is going to have a moment that is going to make social media history.

EC3 comes out for his match. He has the mic and tells Brian Hebner that he is safe today and to not worry. He says that after giving Earl Hebner the shining moment of his career, this week his hand-picked opponent will blow up social media, because his opponent is Jeremy Borash. JB heads to the ring and Sting comes out. Sting says that he cannot believe he is standing in the ring with such greatness and asks to shake his hand. Sting calls him a skyrocket shooting up the ladder. Sting then gets serious and tells EC3 that he has done nothing in this business, and that he thinks because he has the right last name, he thinks he can have doors opened for him that never should have been opened.

He says tonight there will be a feast or fired match, and men will do what EC3 has never done, take risks and take some chances. Sting tells him to man up and enroll in feast or fired tonight, or he can just fight Sting right now. He gets in EC3's face and they lock eyes. EC3 says that this is the icon Sting. Wanting him to do something memorable. EC3 says that he is on and they tease locking up. EC3 then says that tonight, he will compete in feast or fired and leaves the ring.

We see Spud trying to read a road map and he pulls into a gas station and asks for directions. He asks if he knows where AJ Styles is. The guy says that AJ and his friends usually hang out at a bar about a mile down the road. Spud gets excited and goes back into his car.

Tonight there will be a face-to-face, whatever that is, between Hardy and Magnus before their match next week.

Gail Kim is out to announce her open challenge with Tapa. Kim says that the competition has been a little bit below average. Kim says she can't wait to see who the next challenger is going to be, and they should come on out.

ODB's music plays and she comes out. Gail says that she cannot compete because Kim said she needed better competition and that she has beaten ODB over and over again. ODB says that Kim doesn't get, she isn't here to kick Gail's butt, she is here to kick hers, and she hits Tapa with the mic. ODB smashes Tapa and goes for a body slam, but Kim clips ODB's leg and they beat her down. Madison Rayne comes out from the back and tosses Kim out of the ring. ODB and Rayne then double-team Tapa and clothesline her out of the ring.

Spud is shown in a bar and he looks culture shocked. He asks the bartender if she knows where Allen Jones is. She says that she serves beer, not information. He says that if he orders a drink, she will tell him. He orders some really weird drink, and the bartender just comes back with a beer bottle with a lemon in it. Spud is then shown later in the bar asking for AJ, but the barflies ask him to sing a song. Spud agrees because he is a Rockstar. He sings a really bad version of the Sex Pistols "God Save the Queen" and ends up getting tangled up in Christmas lights. He then gets escorted out of the bar.

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