TNA Impact Results With Video: New Champion Crowned, Feast Or Fired And More

We get a video package about feast or fired for later tonight. We see Gunner talking to Storm about last week. Gunner apologizes for costing them the match last week. Storm says that tonight they have a chance to turn everything around in the feast or fired match. Gunner reminds him that they could also be fired. Storm says that it is just how the saying goes, sorry about your damn luck.

We see Spud again in his car and he gets out, apparently he is out AJ's house. He is shown walking up a dirt path and we cut back to Orlando. Dixie's music plays and she comes down to the ring. Dixie says that earlier tonight Angle destroyed the wheel of Dixie, and that one week from now, it will be a two out of three falls match. She says that her bigger headache remains AJ Styles. He has made a mockery out of her and her world title, but next week, she will get a new, real World Heavyweight Champion. She says that now we are going to get a look at each finalist, and Magnus comes down to the ring, followed by Hardy.

Dixie says that either one of them would make an outstanding world champion for her company. She asks if they have any final words to say to each other. Hardy gets the mic and says last year he won the BFG Series, and won the World Heavyweight Championship. 2012 was our year. Hardy says that we, the creatures, win the world title again next week. He then starts a Hardy chant in the crowd and passes the mic to Magnus.

Magnus says that he may be the youngest guy in the tournament, but he is not dumb. He knows that these people are his creatures, and he thanks Hardy for putting food on his table. Next week though, Hardy isn't anything to him except another obstacle. He says you need to beat the number one guy, and that he looks at Jeff as the number one guy, and that he has every intention of doing that.

Dixie steps in and says that even though the wheel of Dixie was destroyed, there is still a match that has a special place in her heart, a Dixieland match. We then get a video of showing us what a Dixieland match is. Basically it is a cage match, where whoever gets out of the cage has to go get a ladder at the top of the stage and climb it to get the world title. Dixie says that the match is great, and that she says that whichever one wins, they will travel the world on her private jet and represent the company. Also, she is going to be in her office tonight, and if any of them is smart enough, to come in with her favorite bottle of wine, as she walks to the back.

Velvet is in the back and Sabin comes in and says that tonight she has his back right? She says of course and they head to the ring.

Spud is shown sneaking up on a porch and he tries to open a door but it is locked. He goes to a side door and picks the lock/ He enters the house and begins to look around. He sees a deer head and gets frightened and then trips over a guitar. He takes a seet on the couch and puts his feet up on a table. His feet strike something and he finds the world title. Just then, AJ comes down the stairs and says that he really thought he could throw his name around and not think that AJ would be the first one to get the call. He says he knew he was coming, and he is always one step ahead of him and Dixie. He says they can call the cops, or some friends. He then asks Spud if he has ever seen Pulp Fiction. Spud gives the title back to AJ and runs out of the house.

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