TNA Impact Results With Video: New Champion Crowned, Feast Or Fired And More

We come back from commercials and we see Anderson being brought to the back by the medical staff. For some reason we get another rundown of the card for Final Resolution. Samoa Joe comes out for the feast or fired match. Sabin, Chavo Guerrero, Norv, Dewey, Hernandez, Curry Man and Zema Ion are already in the ring. Storm and Gunner come down followed by Aries. EC3 then comes out last.

Feast or Fired Match: Curry Man vs Austin Aries vs Norv vs Chris Sabin vs Dewey Barnes vs Gunner vs James Storm vs Hernandez vs Samoa Joe vs Chavo Guerrero vs Zema Ion vs Ethan Carter III

There is obviously going to be a ton of action in this match, so it will be hard to get everything written down. The bell rings and they all take start punching each other. Sabin hits a cross-body on Norv and Dewey. Aries then hits one on Sabin, then Zema Ion hits one, and finally Hernandez goes over the top. Gunner backdrops Storm into the pile on the outside. Followed by Norv and Dewey hitting twin senton planchas. Joe then leaps over the top taking out everyone else.

EC3 is in the ring alone and pulls down briefcase number 3.

Briefcase grabbed by Ethan Carter III

We then go to commercials.

We come back and everyone is brawling in the ring. Joe hits a big enzughiri on Hernandez and then knocks Gunner and Storm's heads together. He plows over Dewey, and then powerbombs Norv ontop of him. Joe catches Sabin with a uranage, and ties to suplex Ion into the ring. Norv and Dewey push Joe out of the ring and go for case number two. Ion comes up and pushes them both off the top and grabs the case.

Briefcase grabbed by Zema Ion

Everyone else gets back in the ring and Aries is cleaning house. He takes out Gunner, Storm, Hernandez and Chavo with corner dropkicks. He goes for a briefcase, but Dewey and Norv stop him. Aries takes them both out and hits a a 450 splash on both of them. Aries goes for a briefcase, but Sabin pulls him down. Aries throws Sabin into the steel steps as Joe peppers Chavo with shots in the corner. Chavo escapes and has Hernandez lift him up to the turnbuckle and he grabs the fourth briefcase.

Briefcase grabbed by Chavo Guerrero

Hernandez is working against Gunner and Storm. Hernandez is seated on the top rope, and Dewey and Norv climb the second rope and try to hit a double superplex. Gunner slides in underneath Dewey and Norv and they do a Tower of Doom spot. Storm then hits Joe with a superkick and climbs the turnbuckle for the final briefcase. Gunner cuts off Storm and crotches him on the top. Gunner steps right over Storm and grabs the last briefcase.

Briefcase grabbed by Gunner

Dixie is shown in the back enjoying a glass of wine and Hardy comes in. She offers Hardy a drink and he sits down as Impact goes off the air.

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