TNA Impact Results With Video: New Champion Crowned, Feast Or Fired And More

TNA Impact Results With Video: New Champion Crowned, Feast Or Fired And More

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Impact opens with a recap of AJ Styles leaving with the world title and touring the glove defending the title. We see Dixie getting the fake world title last week.

We see Spud who is on his way to Gainesville, Georgia. He is talking to Dixie and he says he his lost.

We go to JB in the ring, who is talking about the feast or fired match. He shows how all the briefcases have either a title shot, or a pink slip. The wheel of Dixie is also in the ring. They are going to spin it to determine the stipulation for the world title tournament finals.

Angle comes down to the ring and throws the wheel of Dixie outside of the ring. He says that Roode knocked him out of the tournament, and calls him out. Roode comes down and asks if Angle wants to fight him right now. He takes of his jacket and says too bad, because it is not going to happen. Roode says that he was the one who was eliminated from the tournament for slipping and falling through a table. Roode says that ever since Angle declined being inducted into the HOF, Roode has physically and mentally beaten Angle down. Roode says that he has owned Kurt, and that he is better then Angle.

Kurt says that he will never lose to Roode again, in fact, he could beat him twice in one night. Roode laughs him off and says he has nothing more to prove against Angle. Angle runs out of the ring and starts to brawl with Roode. They get into the ring and security has to come and separate them. Roode gets around security and kicks Angle in the groin. Angle is on the ground and Roode gets the mic and asks him if he really thinks he could beat him twice in one night? Next week, at the Final Resolution TV special, it will be a 2-out-of-3 falls match.

We get a recap of Daniels and Kaz bullying Joseph Park. We see how last week they found out Park has not been a lawyer for over a decade. Bad Influence will take on Park and EY tonight. The camera catches Young and Park in the back. Young says that Bad Influence have been messing with him and his life. Young is nervous and hesitant about the match. EY says he has a plan and he needs to trust him.

Bad Influence come down to the ring while Tenay talks about how Park hasn't been a lawyer in awhile. Eric Young and Park follow them down the ring. Park needs some convincing from Young to come down to the ring.

Joseph Park and Eric Young vs Bad Influence

Young and Daniels start off and Daniels gets the advantage. EY hits a flying forearm and tags in Park, who nervously tags in. Daniels rakes his eyes and works him into the corner, Daniels misses a shoulder tackle and Park tags in EY as Kaz comes in. EY hits a backdrop and then brings Kaz into the corner and hits the 10 ppunches. He tags in Park who goes for a suplex, but Kaz kicks Park and dropkicks him into the corner.

Kaz tags in Daniels and they hit a kick/clothesline combo. Daniels taunts Park and punches him down to the mat. Daniels continues the beatdown and tags in Kaz. Daniels holds Park's arm back and Kaz hits him with a kick in the solar plexus. Kaz and Daniels are slapping Park and Park looks like he is going to cry. EY runs in and clears the ring of Bad Influence. EY is yelling at Park to show some fight, but Park just looks confused. EY locks Park in a headlock and starts punching him in the head. Park goes down and starts bleeding. EY shows Park that he is bleeding, and Park beings to shake with anger. He makes the Abyss pose as Bad Influence hit the ring.

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