WWE Smackdown Recap: Orton Apologizes, Real Americans Vs. Rhodes And Goldust, More

WWE Smackdown Recap: Orton Apologizes, Real Americans Vs. Rhodes And Goldust, More

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This week's episode of Smackdown opens up with JBL and Michael Cole on commentary.

Daniel Bryan comes down to the ring.

Daniel Bryan vs. Erick Rowan (with Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt)

Rowan kicks Bryan in the gut and clubs him in the back. He hits Bryan in the chest against the ropes. Bryan comes back with multiple kicks to the legs, but Rowan hits a shoulder knockdown. Rowan lands a body slam. He hits Bryan in the back. Rowan locks in a bear hug. Bryan fights out via elbows to the head. He leaps at Rowan. Rowan catches him and hits a fall away slam. He sets Bryan up top and clubs his chest. Rowan charges, but Bryan puts a boot up. Bryan hits a missile dropkick. He kicks Rowan in the chest several times, and then once in the head. Harper gets up on the apron, and Bryan kicks him off. He takes Harper out with a dive. Rowan charges, and Bryan pulls the ropes down, sending Rowan outside. Bryan goes to hit Rowan with a dive, but Bray Wyatt trips him.

Winner via DQ: Daniel Bryan

Harper and Rowan try to attack Bryan, but Bryan dodges, slides out of the ring and hits Bray with the flying knee to the face while he's still in his rocking chair. Bryan escapes up the ramp.

The Real Americans vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Goldust and Cesaro start off. Goldust locks in a side headlock. He hits Cesaro with a shoulder tackle and an arm drag. Cody comes in with an elbow to Cesaro's bicep. Cesaro counters and tags in Swagger. Swagger and Cesaro exchange several quick tags. Swagger drives his shoulder into Cody's stomach, and then power whips him. Swagger goes for the Swagger Bomb, but Cody moves. Goldust tags in. He takes it to Swagger. Goldust hits an atomic drop and Cesaro tags in, unbeknownst to Goldust. Goldust hits Swagger with a spine buster. Cesaro attacks Goldust from behind and sends him outside. Cesaro hits a clothesline.

Back from commercial and Swagger is in control of Goldust. He drives his shoulder into Goldust's stomach in the corner. Cesaro tags in. He drives his boot into Goldust's throat. Swagger tags in. He hits Goldust with a belly to belly. Swagger locks in Goldust's head from behind. Goldust gets to his feet and fights out. He hits Cesaro off the apron. Goldust leaps off the second rope and collides with Swagger. Cody and Cesaro tag in. Cody has the hot tag. He hits Cesaro with a pair of clotheslines and a pin attempt. Cody lands an Alabama slam and Cesaro grabs the bottom rope off the pin attempt.

Cesaro ducks a disaster kick. He tries to do the Cesaro Swing, but Goldust breaks it up. Goldust gets sent outside, and Cody hits Cesaro with a disaster kick. Swagger breaks up the pin attempt, and Cody sends him outside. Cody backdrops Cesaro into Swagger, and then takes out Cesaro with a dive. Cesaro gets sent back inside. Cody goes up top, and Cesaro pulls him off and hits a big uppercut for the win.

Winners: The Real Americans

Then, a hype video for the TLC main event is shown that shows footage from earlier portions of both Cena and Orton's careers.

Back from commercial and a Wade Barrett cuts a Bad News Barrett promo about the Slammy Awards.

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