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- Jim Ross has a new blog on jrsbarbq.com with predictions for WWE TLC. Here's what he wrote for the big Randy Orton vs. John Cena match:

"For the Undisputed Championship, or whatever it will be called, I'm going with Randy Orton, likely with a little help from his friends, whoever they may be, to beat John Cena Sunday night in Houston. This then sets up Cena on a quest/march to WM30 to get in the main event to compete for the title. I see Cena vs. Orton going past 30 minutes of bell to bell time Sunday and having a helluva match. They have the chemistry to get it done and the motivation of the unification match to motivate them as well.

I do fully expect that one man leaves with the Undisputed Title and if that doesn't occur I feel that will be a mistake. A definitive winner creates so many more positive scenarios with which to work with creatively."

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