WWE TLC Results - New Unified WWE Champion Crowned, Two Bonus Matches, More

Clay with a 2 count and an elbow drop. Clay drops a big double leg drop. Clay keeps control and socks Truth in the mouth with a right hand. Clay hits a big suplex and starts mocking Truth. Tensai has been yelling at Clay to get the pin. Clay with a pair of splashes in the corner that sends Truth out to the floor. Clay goes to throw Truth into the steel steps but Tensai gets in the way and they argue about Clay getting the win. Clay brings Truth back in and follows. Clay turns Truth upside down in the corner and charges with a pair of splashes. Tensai comes up on the apron and argues with Clay, telling him to get the cover. Clay says he's better than Tensai. Tensai drops off the apron and walks off. Cameron and Naomi argue with Clay now. They also walk out. Clay turns around to a kick to the jaw from Truth. Truth rolls Clay up for the win.

Winner: R-Truth

No Disqualification Match: Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

We go to the ring and out first comes Kofi Kingston. The Miz is out next.

They go at it and Kofi beats Miz down in the corner. Kofi follows Miz to the floor and continues the aggressive attack. Kofi brings Miz back in but tosses him right back over the top rope. Kofi charges with a suicide dive through the ropes but Miz cuts him off with a big right hand to the jaw. Kofi comes back and sends Miz crashing into the barrier. Kofi with kicks to the gut now. Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise but Miz ducks and Kofi kicks the ring post. Miz works on the leg now.

Miz ends up bringing Kofi back in the ring and working on his leg. They go back to the floor with Miz in control. He brings Kofi back in for another 2 count. More back and forth. Miz with the big clothesline in the corner. Miz comes flying off the ropes but Kofi dropkicks him in mid-air. Fans chant "boring" and they want tables. Kofi ends up getting the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

- We get more hype for tonight's main event plus a video package for The Wyatt Family and Daniel Bryan.

Handicap Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

We go to the ring and out first comes Daniel Bryan to a big pop. The lights go out, the lantern lights up and out comes The Wyatt Family. Bray sits at ringside in his rocking chair as Rowan and Harper enter the ring.

Rowan starts off and Bryan charges. Rowan turns it around but Bryan fights back. Rowan drops Bryan with a big elbow to the mouth. Fans chant for Bryan as Harper tags in for some double teaming. Bryan turns it around on Harper and kicks away. Harper cuts him off with a huge slap to the mouth. Rowan tags back in and keeps Bryan down in the corner. Rowan with a big body slam and another. Harper with an elbow to the lower back and now a bear hug. Bryan tries to make a comeback but Harper powerbombs him for a 2 count. Bray finally tags in.

Bray comes in and yells at Bryan before splashing him in the corner. Bray wails away on Bryan and beats him down in the corner. Bray whips Bryan hard into the corner. Bray walks upside down like a spider before tagging in Harper for some double teaming. Harper with the gator roll as fans chant "that was creepy" at Wyatt. Rowan comes back in and manhandles Bryan some more. Rowan hits a big fall-away slam. Harper comes back in with a big boot before tagging in Wyatt. Bray yells at Bryan some more. Bray offers Bryan one last chance to shake his hand. Bray says he will make all of this go away. Fans chant "no!" at Bryan. He kicks Bray's hand and they brawl. Bryan ducks a clothesline but Wyatt takes him out with a big elbow in the air.

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