The show opens up in New Orleans. The Bellas are walking into an arena. They talk about their periods, and Nikki says she bought a pregnancy Test because she hasn't had hers. They go in the bathroom and Nikki takes it. It's negative.

The title signature is shown, and then things head to Nattie and TJ. TJ is trying to wake her up to go to the gym. Nattie says that she doesn't remember what happened during the night. She gets a text from Stephanie McMahon saying that they will talk about some voicemails that she left overnight. Nattie calls Brie and talks to her about it. TJ teases her about it.

Then, Nattie is shown at the arena for RAW. The talent relations guy pulls her aside and tells her that Stephanie is pissed that she got drunk dialed. Clips from RAW are shown. Eva says she is freaking out because it's her first time wrestling on RAW. Clips from the match are shown. The Funkadactyls are watching the match backstage and they have pained looks on their faces. They show a little kid giving the match a thumbs down.

Next, things head over to California and Eva and her boyfriend are driving to her parent's house. She talks about how the purpose of the trip is for him to ask for her dad's blessing for them to get married. He says that they probably shouldn't tell her parents that they're engaged yet.

They arrive and her boyfriend introduces himself to her mother. Apparently Eva forgot to mention that she was bringing her boyfriend.

Things head over to John Cena's house. He flew in a bunch of Nikki's friends from college and Hooters so that they could spend the weekend together. They all go swimming. They start talking about kids, and Nikki mentions that John doesn't want kids. Nikki talks about how she's accepted the fact that he doesn't want kids.

The show heads back to Eva's parent's house and her boyfriend meets Eva's dad. They all sit down to eat and her family asks him questions about how they met and his tattoos. He has a tattoo of Eva's name in Arabic and they give him a hard time for it.

Back from commercial and Bryan and Brie arrive in Big Sur, California. Then, things head back to John Cena's house. He takes all of them out for a nice dinner and Nikki is excited for him to meet them all. One of Nikki's friends brings up kids and someone says they think she'll be the next one to have kids. Her friends start talking to Cena about why he doesn't want kids. He runs down all the reasons why he doesn't want kids. He then talks about why he doesn't want to get married again. The whole conversation Nikki looks upset.

The show heads back to California to Eva's family's home. They all sit down to a meal and Eva brings up that the reason they came was to ask their blessing to get married. Eva's brother talks about how it's weird. Her dad starts talking and he says it's a big deal. Her brother says that they don't want what happened to Eva before to happen again and she talks about how she was engaged before.

They ask if Eva has a ring, and she pulls it out. Her dad yells no at them.

Back from commercial and Eva's family is talking to them still. They all talk about how big of a step it is. Eva's mother says that if they get a divorce, she's not allowed in their house anymore. Eva says they will do whatever they want, and her and her boyfriend leave. Her mother says goodbye to them, and Eva and her boyfriend drive away. Eva talks to her boyfriend in the car. She says that she feels bad, but considering how they reacted to them, she wants to just elope in Vegas.

Then, the show is back in Big Sur with Bryan and Brie. They go hiking through a forest and take pictures. Brie says she is in heaven. They go up on top of a big hill and Bryan proposes to her. She says yes and they kiss. She says that it's the greatest day of her life and that she is very lucky.

Then, later in the evening, Bryan takes Brie to a big, surprise dinner in the middle of the woods and both their families show up. It's the first time that both of their families have met each other. Then, a clip is shown of Bryan asking Nikki to help him plan a surprise engagement party.

Nikki talks about how doing the party has made her want to get engaged and married. She says that she does want to have kids, and isn't sure if she's okay with Cena not wanting kids anymore. She talks with her mom about it. Nikki says she is going to talk to John about it.

Back from commercial and Bryan and Brie are in Illinois for a TV taping. The ring is shown being put together. Nattie is getting ready, and Ariane talks to her about what happened with the drunk dials. Nattie is scared because she feels like she is in deep trouble. Clips are shown from the night that Nattie got drunk of her being rude to everyone. Brie, Eva, Ariane and Alicia Fox give her crap.

Nattie walks away, and Fox brings up Brie's ring. Eva says that she's feeling mixed emotions about her family and eloping, and that she doesn't know what she is going to do.

Then, Nikki heads back to the WWE doctor. He checks her legs and asks her questions. He clears her to wrestle again, and she is very excited.

Nattie is shown again. She talks to Fandango and tells him that she accidentally called Stephanie. He tells her she should find her and apologize.

Clips from the episode of RAW are shown of Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan fighting. Orton is shown DDTing Bryan to the mat and Brie checks on him.

Then, Nattie finds Stephanie and tries to apologize, and Stephanie plays the voicemails for her. Nattie says that she can hear herself getting more drunk in the messages.

Back from commercial and Stephanie is still playing the voicemails for Nattie. Nattie apologizes and Stephanie tells her that she can talk to her anytime she wants. She seems very understanding about it. She tells Nattie to get things together and says that they love her. They hug and Stephanie says that she is saving the messages and will play them for Vince later.

Clips from RAW are shown of Nikki's return to the ring. Eva talks about how she loves being in the ring.

The show heads to Orlando, and Eva meets her boyfriend. She talks about how they're supposed to elope the next day. He asks about the flight to Vegas, and she says that she needs to talk to him.

Back from commercial and Eva tells her boyfriend that she has to work the next 40 days straight, and that she doesn't want to elope anymore. She wants her dad to walk her down the aisle. She feels bad because of what happened. He tells her that he will do whatever she wants because he just wants to marry her. She says she wants to marry him too, she just can't right now.

Things head to John Cena's house. Cena kept Nikki waiting for their dinner plans because he had to do some business stuff. Nikki brings up to him that she does want to have kids someday. John tells her that he can't give her that.

Back from commercial and Nikki is still talking with John. He says he wanted to be honest with her on their first date. He says that he respects the fact that she wants to be a mother, but he wants equal respect on his decision. She says that she makes all the sacrifices, and he says he feels sorry she feels that way.

Cena says that he is in love with her and that he has changed a lot for her, but he won't budge on those two issues. Nikki says that she doesn't want to grow to resent him later down the line because he won't marry her. He says that he didn't mean to give her false hope. She says that it might have been a mistake to move there and that she has to rethink things as the show ends.

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