WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Randy Orton Main Events, Clay Turns On Tensai, More

WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Randy Orton Main Events, Clay Turns On Tensai, More

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- Tonight's WWE RAW opens up with a look back at TLC and the title unification match.

- We're live from RAW in Dallas, Texas as Michael Cole welcomes us. The entire WWE roster is out on the stage as Triple H's music plays. He is in the ring with Stephanie McMahon. The ring has a black cover on it as Stephanie welcomes us to a historic edition of RAW. Stephanie says it's time for every one to pay respect and honor to one man. Triple H says WWE's rich history collided with its bright future last night and we crowned a champion of champion. Triple H introduces the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and out comes Randy Orton with both belts. The roster parts and makes room for Orton to walk out. John Cena is there and they stare at each other. Orton raises the titles up and stares as Cena. Daniel Bryan looks on as Orton heads to the ring.

Orton poses with his gold as The Authority looks on and smiles. Orton says it's a nice feeling when your faith is rewarded. Orton says but the fans didn't have faith in him at TLC. He says they all bought into the lie that he's been handed everything his entire career. Orton says he proved that last night. Orton says he sees the rest of the roster beaming their jealousy at him. He says he's better than everyone. Orton says he's the most powerful person standing in the ring. He's the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and his reign... John Cena cuts him off and calls him an idiot. Orton wants Cena's mic turned off. Cena says he's not going to ruin Orton's moment but Orton has trouble speaking sometimes so he's going to sum up what Orton's about to say. Cena mocks Orton. Cena congratulates Orton and says he earned it. Cena quotes Steve Austin and says that title forces Orton to put up or shut up every night. Cena wants Orton to put up or shut up tonight. Orton says there will be no rematch tonight. Cena says he wasn't talking about himself. Fans start the "yes!" chants up.

Cena proposes that Daniel Bryan gets a shot but Orton isn't hearing it. Orton says he doesn't have to listen to anyone. Except us, says Stephanie. Triple H agrees with Orton that Bryan doesn't deserve a shot right now. Stephanie says however, the WWE Universe did vote Bryan as Superstar of the Year. Triple H says he and Stephanie always listen to the WWE Universe and if they want that match... fans start "yes!" chants again. Orton pleads but Triple H is going to give Orton a chance to silence his critics. It will be Orton vs. Bryan in tonight's main event. Bryan gets a "yes!" chant going and Orton gets upset as Triple H's music hits again.

- Fans have voted on WWE.com for Goldust and Cody Rhodes' opponents tonight. That match is up next after commercial.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Rey Mysterio and Big Show

Back from the break and WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Goldust wait in the ring. Fans voted on WWE.com for their opponents and out comes Rey Mysterio first. His partner Big Show is out next.

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