WWE posted Michael Cole's latest interview with Triple H earlier today, which you can watch above. Here are some notes from the interview:

- Triple H talked about what a wonderful time of year it is, and wished the fans "Happy Holidays." He then invited fans to "RAW Christmas" this Monday and said it would be a blast.

- Cole said that he had to ask the toughest question he's ever had to ask, and that's how Triple H would feel if Christmas were to be cancelled due to the result of the "Bad Santa" vs. "Good Santa" match. Triple H said the only two people evil enough to cancel Christmas are Vince McMahon and The Grinch. Triple H noted that in the end, good always overcomes evil.

- HHH is thrilled that Randy Orton is the Unified champion, and they've been wanting to unify the titles for a while now. He said that Orton's win proved him right.

- HHH said Orton's match with Daniel Bryan this past Monday on RAW was great, and that no punishment is warranted for Orton nailing Bryan with a low blow. HHH said they gave fans what they wanted, even though Bryan "came up on the short end a little bit."

- Cole asked about Orton's holier than thou attitude, and Triple H said it's justified when you're that good. It's hard to be humble when you're "that damn good."

- As for CM Punk thinking that Triple H is out to get him, Triple H said Punk wouldn't be here if he doesn't want him to be.

Cole noted that there would be no interview next week due to Christmas, but they will be back in two weeks. Triple H once again wished the fans "Happy Holidays."

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