WWE Main Event Recap: Xavier Woods And R Truth Vs. 3MB, AJ Lee Vs. Kaitlyn, Foley Claus Appearance

Winners: R Truth and Xavier Woods

AJ Lee (with Tamina Snuka) vs. Kaitlyn

AJ locks in a waist lock, and Kaitlyn shrugs her off. AJ locks in another waist lock, but Kaitlyn reverses into one of her own and takes AJ to the mat. AJ locks in a side head lock. Kaitlyn gets out and hits a shoulder tackle. They stare each other down, and AJ slaps Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn hits a clothesline. She whips AJ into the corner and charges. AJ puts her boots up, and leaps off for a crossbody. Kaitlyn catches her and puts her on her shoulders. AJ wriggles out, and trips Kaitlyn into the corner. AJ locks in Kaitlyn's head from behind. AJ breaks the hold and slams her into the corner. She kicks Kaitlyn in the mid section and charges. Kaitlyn moves and hits a back elbow. She tries to keep the offense, but AJ counters into a sleeper. Kaitlyn gets out and hits a backbreaker. She hits AJ with a clothesline and a flying shoulder tackle. Kaitlyn hits a dropkick. Tamina gets up on the apron and distracts Kaitlyn. AJ locks in the Black Widow and Kaitlyn taps.

Winner: AJ Lee

Back from commercial and the RAW Rebound is shown. It chronicles what happened during the opening of RAW, and the match between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan.

The Miz (with Foley Claus) vs. Curtis Axel (with Ryback)

Foley gives Miz a toy and tells him to give it to Axel. Miz tries to give it to Axel, and it's a Ryback action figure. Axel slams it to the mat and stomps on it. Miz hits a big clothesline and clotheslines Axel over the top rope. Axel gets back in the ring and kicks Miz in the stomach. He strikes Miz to the mat and whips him to another corner. Axel lands a dropkick. He drops an elbow on Miz and locks in his head. Miz comes back with a flapjack. He charges, and Axel sends him to the apron. Axel kicks him, and then hits a neckbreaker. Axel rubs his forearm across Miz's face. He locks Miz's head in from behind. Miz gets out and lands a headbutt. Axel lands a clothesline to the back of the head. Axel gets in Foley's face and drops an elbow on Miz. He hits Miz in the head with his knee.

Axel locks Miz's head back in on the mat. Miz gets to his feet and hits several clotheslines and a neckbreaker. Axel shrugs off a Skull Crushing Finale attempt. Miz comes back with a kick. Axel drops him onto the top rope and hits his running spinning neckbreaker. Miz kicks out at two. Miz slingshots him into the corner and kicks his legs out. He hits Axel with a DDT. Miz Axel gets a roll up. He goes up top and leaps off, but Miz moves and tries to lock in the figure four. Ryback gets up on the apron and Foley grabs his leg. Ryback drops to the floor and advance on Foley. Miz kicks Ryback through the ropes. Foley puts a Christmas stocking on his hand and locks in a mandible claw on Ryback. Back in the ring, Miz hits Axel with the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winner: The Miz

Miz and Foley Claus celebrate after the match to end the show.

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