WWE NXT Recap: Lumberjack Match For The NXT Championship, American Pitbulls Debut, More

Emma stops her and says that dancing isn't silly, and that it's in her blood. Natalya says just like wrestling is in her blood. Emma says that wrestling brought her to the dance. Natalya challenges her to a match to determine who's worthy of being the number one contender to Paige. Emma accepts and dances off.

Back from commercial and a flashback from the first season of NXT is shown of Daniel Bryan fighting Chris Jericho.

Then, footage of an NXT meet and greet from earlier in the day is shown.

Sasha Banks (with Summer Rae) vs. Paige

Paige grabs Sasha by the hair and whips her head around. Sasha slaps Paige in the chest and back a bunch of times. She runs at Paige in the corner, and Paige backdrops her to the apron. Summer gets up on the apron. Paige steps at her, and Sasha attacks Paige from the apron off the distraction. Sasha gets back in the ring. Sasha mocks Paige and hits her with her signature screaming corner boot stomps. Sasha jumps on Paige's back and locks in her head. Paige falls to the mat.

Paige fights back to her feet and backs into the corner to break the hold. Paige charges Sasha, and Sasha slaps her chest. She locks in Paige's hand and goes up top. Sasha leaps off, but Paige tosses her away. Paige hits a trio of clotheslines and a dropkick. She bounces off the ropes, and Summer grabs her legs. Sasha charges Paige for a kick. Paige moves, and Sasha kicks Summer. Sasha turns around, and Paige kicks her in the stomach. Paige hits the Paige Turner for the win.

Winner: Paige

Enzo Amore is shown backstage with Colin Cassady. They're talking, and hear Aiden English practicing singer. They go over to English and interrupt him. English asks what's so funny, Cassady says he is. English says one day he'll be on the bright lights of Broadway. Enzo says that him belching into a mic makes him a singer as much as standing in a garage makes him a car. Enzo says that Cassady is a better singer. English challenges Cassady to a singing competition, and Cassady accepts.

Back from commercial and another NXT flashback is shown, this time of a Bo Dallas match and a Tyson Kidd match.

The Ascension vs. The American Pitbulls (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards)

Before this match started, they made it seem as if Davey Richards's name was John Cahill and Eddie Edwards's was Eric Philbin, but partway through the match they began referring to Davey Richards as Derek Billington and Eddie Edwards as John Cahill, so I'm not sure what names they're going by exactly and will refer to them as Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards until their names are specified.

Victor and Richards start off. The crowd chants let's go Pitbulls. They lock up and Victor shoves him into the corner. Richards locks in a waist lock. Victor sends Richards to his corner, and Richards crawls through his legs to try and tag in Eddie. Victor grabs his leg. Richards flips Victor to the mat. Eddie tags in and works on Victor's arm. Victor drives him to his corner and O'Brian tags in. He kicks Eddie in the stomach and hits a strike to the head. Richards tags in, and they hit O'Brian with a double arm drag that flips him behind them. Victor charges Eddie and Eddie pulls the ropes down, sending him outside.

O'Brian hits Richards with a flapjack. O'Brian stomps him and takes him to the corner as the crowd chants Davey Richards. Victor tags in and kicks and strikes Richards. He hits Richards with an uppercut. He picks Richards up in the air and seemingly accidentally drops Richards head first to the mat. Victor hits another uppercut. Richards kicks Victor in the face and tags in Eddie. Eddie lands multiple strikes. He hits O'Brian on the apron and hits Victor with a running kick to the chest. O'Brian breaks up the pin attempts. O'Brian charges Eddie, and he pulls the ropes down, sending O'Brian to the outside. Victor charges Eddie, and Eddie backdrops him to the outside. The Pitbulls take out The Ascension with simultaneous dives.

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