Final Resolution Results With Video: New World Champion Crowned

They square up again and Angle takes Roode down with an amateur waistlock. Roode fights out and runs into a belly-to-belly suplex, as Roode takes the bump and slides out of the ring. Angle follows him out and hits a couple forearms on the outside. Angle throws him face first off of the steel rail. They both get back in the ring, and Roode gets a boot in, but Angle ducks a clothesline and hits a trio of German suplexes.

Angle teases the Angle slam, but Roode counters with an arm drag. Kurt rushes in, but Roode pushes the ref in front of Angle, who slows down. Roode tosses the ref aside and hits a low blow. Roode hits the Firemans carry slam and gets the three count.

Winner of First Fall: Bobby Roode

We then go to commercials. When we come back Roode is in control and hits a running elbow on Angle, and follows it with a vertical suplex. Roode misses a knee drop, and Angle hits some right hands and then a flying forearm. Angle hits another belly-to-belly suplex. Angle goes for a shoulder tackle, but roode gets out of the way and Angle hits the steel post. Roode goes for the armbar, but Angle slips out in hits an Angle Slam that is more of a back suplex and gets a three count.

Winner of Second Fall: Kurt Angle

Angle goes back to work and hits two more german suplexes. Roode fights out and locks in a crossface on Angle. Angle teases tapping out, but rolls into a pinfall, forcing Roode to break. Angle gets up, but Roode blocks a forearm and locks in the crossface again. Angle gets up and goes for an Angle slam, but Roode slips out and hits a flying armbar, and goes right back to the crossface.

Angle slips underneath Roode and locks in the ankle lock. Roode tries to get to the rope, but Angle pulls him back and switches over into the crossface. Roode gets to his feet and gets him up for the firemans, but Angle slips out and hits and Angle slam for a near fall.

Roode rolls out of the ring and Angle follows. Angle nails him in the back of the head and tosses him back into the ring and drags him into the center with the ankle lock. Roode rolls through into a victory roll and grabs onto the rope for a three count.

Winner of Third Fall and Match: Bobby Roode

JB is in the back with Gunner and Storm. He asks Gunner why he stepped over his partner to get the briefcase. Gunner says they knew the rules, and Storm would have done the same to him. Storm says we will see if his little gamble pays off. Gunner asks what that is supposed to mean, and Storm says that there is a 25% he gets fired, and they head into the conference room.

A cameraman asks Angle what happened. Angle says that he hasn't outwrestled Kurt, but Bobby has outsmarted him since BFG. The cameraman asks him if Roode really has his numbers, and Kurt says that is the most terrifying thing he ever heard, and he doesn't know what his next move is.

We get a recap of Madison Rayne and Gail Kim's friendship and their breakup over the Knockouts championship, with Rayne coming back last week.

JB is in the back and EC3 comes in. EC3 says that JB still owes him a match. EC3 he scoffs at the idea of getting a pink slip, and he says that his fate has already been determined as a winner. A call rings on his phone, and we hear EC3 talking to Dixie (whose voice is very clear for some reason) about the briefcase. Dixie says that if he gets fired, there is nothing she can do about it.

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