Final Resolution Results With Video: New World Champion Crowned

We see Magnus warming up, and the cameraman asks Magnus what he thinks. Magnus says there are a lot of questions going into the match, but after he wins the world title, all those questions will be answered.

Gail Kim and Lei'd Tapa come out for a tag match. ODB and Madison Rayne come out as her opponents.

ODB and Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim and Lei'd Tapa

Rayne and Tapa start off and Tapa overpowers her. Rayne goes for a waistlock, but Tapa just shrugs her off. Rayne uses her speed to escape and tags in ODB. They lock up and Tapa puts her in the corner. ODB avoids a clothesline and hits some right hands. Tapa counters and hits a scoop slam. She tags in Gail who puts the boots to ODB. She works on ODB in teh corner and hits the running cross body in the corner. She tags ODB with some more shots, but ends up eating a clothesline.

ODB hits a splash in the corner, but Tapa distracts her and Gail hits a dropkick onto ODB. Tapa comes in and hits a shoulder-backbreaker onto ODB. Tapa continues to beat her down and chokes her in the rope. ODB tries to fight out but gets hit with a big boot. Kim comes in and works ODB over in the corner, but she misses a big splash. ODB connects with a shoulder block and tags in Rayne.

Rayne hits a few clotheslines and throws her by the hair. She hits a spear and starts tugging her hair. Tapa comes in to break it up, but ODB hops on her back. They go outside the ring, and Kim hits a short-armed lariat. Kim goes for Eat Defeat, but Rayne counters with a backslide and gets the three count.

Winners: ODB and Madison Rayne

Sting is talking to Hardy in the back. Sting says that he doesn't owe anybody an explanation, but he needs to be true to himself and his family. Hardy says that Sting doesn't understand, but Sting laughs and says that he does.

We see a video of Spud talking to Dixie from a few days ago and trying to explain his mission in Georgia to get his title back. Dixie says that we have a world title match coming up, but they don't have a world title match. She orders Spud to get someone to make a new title belt.

We get a video recap of the whole title tournament.

The Dixieland match for the world title is next. A Dixieland match starts with a cage match. Whoever gets out of the cage first must run up the ramp and climb a ladder, where the world title is suspended, and grab it.

Hardy comes out first and enters the cage. He has a mic and says he has done some things he wishes he could take back, but he is who he is. He says that Magnus brought back what happened at BFG 2010, but we all saw how that ended up at Victory Road 2011. Hardy says that those mistakes will not be repeated. He thought about his family and he says that he loves to entertain the creatures. He says that Dixie wanted to give him tons of money and a lifetime contract, but he knows if he did that, she would own him. No body owns him, and nobody owns the creatures. He said that he told her to stick her offer.

Dixie interrupts him and comes into the cage. She says that he wants to compare himself to AJ Styles, well, she sees one similarity. Everything they have they owe to her. She says that she stood by him during all his mistakes, and not these creatures. She says that they all abandoned him, but because of her, he got to keep his job. She says he has to do what is best for his family, and if he doesn't work with Dixie, what will happen to them. Dixie says that they will have nothing, and he should make the right decision. Since this is such an important match, she will stay out here and watch it.

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