Joey Ryan Talks WWE Tryouts, If His TNA Run Hurt His WWE Chances, Issues With John Laurinaitis, More

Joey Ryan Talks WWE Tryouts, If His TNA Run Hurt His WWE Chances, Issues With John Laurinaitis, More

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I recently spoke with former TNA star Joey Ryan. In the third and final part of the interview below, Ryan discussed how TNA can compete with WWE, TNA cutting back on high priced talent, attending the WWE tryout camp in August, problems with John Laurinaitis, if his TNA run hurt his chances to join WWE and more.

Part one of the Joey Ryan interview is here, where Ryan discussed getting his start in the business, being one of the founders of PWG, Daniel Bryan getting over, working for WWE as an enhancement talent, TNA inviting him on Gut Check and more.

You can check out the second part of the interview at this link, where Ryan discussed his time with TNA, if his heat with Taz was real, his career highlight, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan being in charge, teaming with Matt Morgan, his TNA release and more.

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Wrestling Inc.: I know you've noted before that TNA was never late in giving you your payments and things like that. Their expenses obviously went up a lot last year when they went on the road live every other week, and now they're kind of scaling that back. I know as a long time fan of wrestling yourself, it's obviously good for everyone to have a viable number two company. What changes do you think TNA needs to make to be a viable alternative to WWE?

Joey Ryan: I've seen the show recently. I still have friends on the show and I'm still friends with guys like David Lagana, so I'm going to watch his product that he writes. So I watch the show still. I would like to see, and this is just me as a fan, I might not even be the demographic that they're going for at all, but I've noticed how they've streamlined the roster. There isn't that many wrestlers anymore that filter through and the roster is a lot smaller than when I was there. I've noticed that they've taken to having more interview time or promo time than in ring stuff. As a fan I'd rather see them dedicate that time to the wrestling. I think they have an incredible roster and I think a lot of those guys can really go that they have on the show.

Rather than a 20 minute promo and a seven minute match, I'd rather see a seven minute promo and a 10 minute match, 20 minute match, or whatever. I'd rather see them focus more on actual wrestling, because I think that could be something they have different. Because like, WWE obviously has a talented roster, and they have some of, if not the best wrestlers in the world. I think they're hard to compete with on the soap opera end of professional wrestling, but I don't think it's hard to compete with them on the pro wrestling side of it. So I think if you focus more on the wrestling and less on the soap opera, I know the drama is what gets people captivated and interested in wrestling, but you can tell a story within a wrestling match itself. WWE is such a big entity that it's hard to compete with when you do a product similar to theirs. So I think that by trying to get an alternative audience, rather than trying to get their audience, I think you have a better chance of growing.

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