Joey Ryan Talks WWE Tryouts, If His TNA Run Hurt His WWE Chances, Issues With John Laurinaitis, More

Wrestling Inc.: Do you think your TNA run hurt your chances with the company because I know I've heard in the past from people that they don't want to bring in anyone from TNA or any people that kind of made their reputation in TNA. They'd rather just build from their own developmental, which again, seems kind of odd because if you have people can draw money and you don't sign them just because they weren't brought in a certain way, it just doesn't seem good for business.

Ryan: Yeah, I mean, I guess they have a system that works for them and they know how to control their system and work their system. I do think they are a little shy away from guys that were, shying away from guys that were in TNA andů everything's word of mouth now. I know a lot of people in WWE backstage, and I hear different things all of the time. One of the things is that they don't want, I've heard that they don't want guys who know that they can make money outside of the WWE themselves. They just want guys who think that they're going to be WWE or nothing, because then they're more like apt to be company guys. They're not going to realize that there's money to be made out there wrestling without WWE. They don't want guys that know that there is.

I've heard that they don't want guys who have made it already, they want to be able to claim we made that guy. He didn't do it himself, or he didn't make that guy, we made that guy. So I heard they're big on that too, not taking guys who already have a name so to speak. Just different things, but I just wish for me at least, they would have at least talked, because I've had WWE agents that just rave about me and tell me oh, you're too good not to be there. Even members of creative telling me that they want to work with me, but whoever the bosses are just were never Joey Ryan guys. So that's why I'm just a little upset with myself, but again, I understand that they need a system that works for them.

Wrestling Inc.: What problem did John Laurinaitis have with you, because you never really worked at the company full time?

Ryan: Right. I think he, and I'm not inside his head, but for whatever reason I hear from a lot of guys that he has a little chip on his shoulder about certain guys. I think, it's one of those things where he always wanted guys to be on their defenses around him and I never really was because I was really comfortable there, especially when I got WWE agents that were putting me over to him, members of creative and stuff like that. So I was always comfortable because I knew I had all these people that were putting me over to him, so I think he kind of didn't like that. I don't know him personally. I haven't talked to him more than this interview backstage kind of thing, but I always got the feeling that he was upset about how un-nervous or how comfortable I was there and not like a yes sir, no sir kind of thing. It's his prerogative or whatever. He was in charge. So, for whatever reason it was, he just never, he always kind of had a chip on his shoulder towards me.

Wrestling Inc.: Have you been watching TNA lately?

Ryan: Yeah, actually. I've been keeping track of it because my buddy Peter, who's Norv Pernum on there, he's got a good little run going on and actually my newest tag team partner in PWG, Candice LeRae, actually we did a show in New York for NWA too, Candice LeRae, had a match with Gail Kim a couple weeks ago. So I watch the product. I still have a lot of friends there. Frankie Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, I always want to see what they're up to.

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