Views From The Turnbuckle: My Favorite Wrestling Moments Explained By Youtube

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Youtube is probably the best thing to happen to professional wrestling in the last 10 years. Youtube allows wrestling fans to relive some of our most cherished moments, or to discover something that we had never seen before. Here is a small collection of some of my favorite wrestling moments that are available on Youtube.


Easily the most recognizable moment in TNA's short history, Elix Skipper's magical cage walk is the stuff of legend. At this point, TNA was trying to be nothing more than a clever alternative to WWE, and they were willing to try some borderline crazy stuff to become successful. Skipper almost slips trying to climb up onto the railing, but miraculously he is able to hold on and support himself up onto the top rung of the cage. From there it was a delicate tight-tope walk with zero room for error, over to deliver a SUPER-super hurrancanrana off of the top of the cage. My favorite thing about this spot is Don West's call. Say whatever you want about him, but the man knew how to sell a moment. He is much better than Tazz, who sometimes sounds like he wishes he was anywhere but Orlando.


Cactus Jack's ECW run in the mid-90's was the greatest display of microphone work in the history of professional wrestling. The Rock may have been funnier, Ric Flair may have been cockier and Billy Graham might have gotten more heat, but nobody was better at dramatically telling a story than Mick Foley. His turn against the ECW fans was a phenomenal storyline, as was his ever-growing adoration of WCW and Eric Bischoff. Jack touches all the bases in this promo, and he continues to increase both the heat for his actions, and the love for Tommy Dreamer for his open defiance. For my money, it's the greatest promo ever given, and I honestly don't think I could be convinced otherwise. The best thing about it is that we will probably never see anything like that again. Tell me, what major promotion is going to give a guy 7 minutes of TV time to cut a promo by himself? It isn't happening again, and even if it did, I doubt anyone could come close to capturing the storyline as well as Foley did.


Clearly the polar opposite of Cane Dewey, Dragon Dragon is not about a far-reaching storyline, or a man's real life feelings towards a fanbase. No, Dragon Dragon is about nothing more than a man wrestling in a Dragon suit. For those who are wondering, this clip is from CHIKARA, an independent wrestling organization that focuses on fun more than ultra-violence. The commentator (who I cannot identify) really sells this match as being a major moment in wrestling history, instead of being a simple comedy match. "He's not Ultimo, he's not Super, he is just a Dragon," he says. Laugh at me if you want, but pro wrestling does not always have to be about violence and dramatic storylines, sometimes it can just be about fun.

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