WWE Monday Night RAW Results - The Battle For Christmas, Six-Man Tag Matches, More

Back from the break and Harper is in control of Bryan. Harper catapults Bryan under the second rope. Bray comes in and drops Bryan with a big right hand. Bray talks some more trash and unloads on Bryan. Harper tags in and comes over the top rope with a splash for a 2 count. Rowan comes back in and slams Bryan. Rowan keeps Bryan grounded to the mat now. Bryan ends up hitting a tornado DDT out of the corner. Cody finally comes in with a missile dropkick on Harper. Cody with a high knee to the jaw. Cody rolls Harper up for 2. Cody with the big drop down right hand. Cody with a Disaster Kick on Rowan. Cody drops Harper into the turnbuckle. Cody nails a moonsault and covers for 2 as Bray breaks the pin. Bray knocks Goldust off the apron. Bryan with a missile dropkick on Bray. Bryan runs the ropes and nails a suicide dive on Bray. Bryan beats Bray in front of the announcers until Rowan sends Bryan into the barrier. Goldust leaps out and takes Rowan down. Cody and Harper go at it. Bray tags in as Cody nails a Disaster Kick on Harper. Bray comes in and hits Sister Abigail on Cody for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

- After the match, Harper nails a huge clothesline on Goldust while Rowan throws Bryan into the steel steps. Rowan throws Bryan in the ring and they beat on him some more. Bray tries talking Bryan into joining them. Bray stands over Bryan and laughs. The lights go out. They come back on with the Wyatt graphic. Bray is sitting out in his rocking chair with Rowan and Harper on each side. Bray looks at Bryan recovering in the ring and laughs. Back to commercial.

- We get a segment with Santa Henry telling a kid he won't let Christmas be canceled by Evil Santa Sandow.

- We see footage of Bad News Barrett out on the streets of Austin, Texas. Barrett is ringing one of the Salvation Army bells and asking people to donate money for charity.

- We go to the ring with Renee Young. It's time for a Christmas Carol contest. R-Truth and Xavier Woods, with Cameron and Naomi, are up first. Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre are up next with a hard rock rendition of Jingle Bells. Fans boo them. Santino Marella and The Great Khali are last with Deck The Halls. Fans have to cheer for the winner and it's the team of Khali and Santino. A fight ends up breaking out and 3MB gets cleared from the ring. Santino takes the mic and apologizes. Truth, Woods, Santino and Khali sing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and that's it.

- We see Dolph Ziggler and Fandango walking backstage. Back to commercial.

Christmas Present on a Pole Match: Fandango vs. Dolph Ziggler

Summer Rae is out with Fandango. The present is hanging on the pole in the corner and the winner will get an Intercontinental Title shot on next week's RAW. Back and forth to start. Fandango stops Ziggler from climbing. Fandango climbs up but Ziggler pulls him and he lands on his face.

Ziggler hits the Fame-asser but can't get the present. They both continue and end up fighting it out on the turnbuckles. Fandango with a kick to the head. Fandango climbs on Ziggler's body to grab the present but Ziggler crotches him on the turnbuckle. Ziggler goes for the present but Fandango fights him. Fandango sends Ziggler off the corner and his head hits the steel steps. Fandango grabs the present for the win and the title shot.

Winner and New #1 Contender: Fandango

- Still to come, The Shield vs. Cena, Punk and Big E in the main event. Back to commercial.

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